2019 has seen the launch of ground breaking works such as Resident Evil 2 or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. It has also seen some major disastrous like Left Alive. However; for every hit game that pushed the medium to its limit or became a total train wreck of a disaster, there will be those that are overlooked.

These are games that were good but did not get the attention they deserved. This could be due to being released at a bad time, limited marketing or they weren’t the ground breaking work that people were expecting.

These are the five most overlooked titles of 2019:

5. Heroes of Warland

After the failure of titles like LawBreaker and Battleborn, its clear that trying to mimic the success of Overwatch is a guaranteed path to failure. Heroes of Warland is able to avoid this trap by tapping into the mobile market. It takes the gameplay elements of the genre and simplifies it while each match is short but rewarding.

4. Close to the Sun

Close to the Sun is a horror survival experience that was heavily inspired by BioShock. Players take on the role of journalist Rose Archer looking for her sister on the Helios, a super ship owned by Nikola Tesla and populated by the greatest scientists from around the world. Upon her arrival, its clear an experiment has gone wrong and now it’s a fight for survival.

3. SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays

Part of the ongoing celebration of the Gundam Franchises 40th Anniversary, this is a treat for fans and an introduction to stories outside the Universal Century timeline. SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays is a tactical RPG that brings together four different universes in the franchise. Each chapter successfully recreates the story by using the original script along with the soundtrack from the series. The gameplay requires you to think fast while using your favorite Gundam.

2. Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain

Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain is an ambitious attempt to take the series in a different direction. The world has more of a Western tone while the story focuses on humanity fighting a guerilla war against the bugs. Despite these changes, it’s still the same cheesy game that fans have always loved.

1. Terminator: Resistance

Given how past titles have been a disappoint, this was one of the biggest surprises of the year. Terminator: Resistance was released around the same time as Dark Fate but was panned by critics. Yet it makes this list because of how popular it’s with fans of the series and gamers.

Set during the war against Skynet, players take on the role of Jacob Rivers as he battles the machine army in Los Angeles. The game is one big tribute to the James Cameron films with numerous world building elements pulled straight from the source material. It’s not trying to add to the lore (and mess it up in the processes) but instead have players experience this world mostly seen in films.

Terminator: Resistance isn’t some ground breaking or over-budgeted AAA title, it’s a simple shooter set in the Terminator universe.

Honorable Mention: Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient (Ch. 1)

Resident Evil 2 and Daymare 1998 were the most talked about horror games of 2019 but not many noticed Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient (Ch. 1). This entry takes the eerie world along with the hard choices that players have to make and shifts it to a new environment. Since this was just Chapter 1, it gets an honorable mention for this list.

Was there a game you thought was amazing but didn’t get the attention it deserved? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. It’s nice to see a blog try to highlight games that did not get the attention they deserve. SD Gundam and Terminator are awesome games nobody talks about.

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