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Old School

Horror Game Icon 2020 | Dino Crisis 2

Horror Game Icon looks back at when Capcom attempted to make a more action focused horror game with Dino Crisis 2.

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Review | Onee Chanbara Origin (PC)

Onee Chanbara Origin is both a remake of the first two games and a proper introduction to the classic hack ‘n’ slash series.

Old School 2

Horror Game Icon 2020 | The Last of Us

Horror Game Icon 2020 looks back at how The Last of Us redefined story telling while staying true to the concept of horror survival.

Resident Evil 3 8Bit/Digi
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Horror Game Icon 2020 | Resident Evil 3 (Original vs. Remake)

Horror Game Icon begins the season of fear by looking back at what the original and remake of Resident Evil 3 did right.

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Review | Serious Sam 4 (PC)

Serious Sam 4 is another lesson on how to make a f***ing shooter, keep it simple and be focused on the fun.

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Review | Disgaea 4 Complete+ (PC)

With all the trademarks that have defined the series, Disgaea 4 Complete+ allows PC gamers to once again venture across the Netherworld.

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Review | Paradise Killer (PC)

Paradise Killer is the perfect blend of a crime thriller with a fantasy adventure that embraces the culture of the indie game community.