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My Haul From the AFKxp October Game Swap Meet

I checked out the October Game Swap Meet at AFKxp Tech+Games and walked away with some classic titles along with some gaming accessories.

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Review | Call of Duty: Mobile (iOs)

Call of Duty: Mobile attempts to be a mobile title along with a Call of Duty experience and it succeeds at doing both.

Medal of Honor VR_Demo004
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OC6 | A First Hand Look at Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond

Respawn Entertainment was showcasing their upcoming VR title Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond at Oculus Connect 6.

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OC6 | John Carmack’s Keynote Speech

A tradition at Oculus Connect, John Carmack’s Keynote is when the industry legend shares his thoughts on the current state of VR.

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Review | Code Vein (PS4)

Code Vein is a challenging experience in a lore rich world that is able to strike a balance between originality and familiarity.

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Highlights from the Oculus Connect 6 Keynote Speech

The kick-off to Oculus Connect 6 was the Keynote Speech that focused on the big announcements and major successes.

Attack on Titan Tactics_9620
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Review | Attack on Titan: Tactics (iOs)

Attack on Titan: Tactics allows fans to experiences a unique interpretation of the Battle of Trost District.