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Cosplaying at SiliCon with Adam Savage

A collection of the amazing and unique cosplayers I encountered during SiliCon with Adam Savage.

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Review | Scarlet Nexus (PC)

With a roster of memorable characters and set in a visually exciting world, Scarlet Nexus is an unforgettable experience.

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Review | Chivalry II (PC)

Chivalry II is a multiplayer experience that welcomes everyone to enjoy the medieval carnage, regardless of their skill-set or familiarity with the series.

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5 Reasons Why VR Studios Should Utilize Local and Mid-Tier Conventions

From the cost effective savings to the opportunity to do more with very little, this is a look at why VR studios should be focused on local and mid-tier conventions.

My Hero One's Justice 2 8Bit/Digi
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Cast of My Hero Academia will be at SacAnime Summer 2021

It has been confirmed that 21 cast members of My Hero Academia will be coming to SacAnime Summer 2021.

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Review | Earth Defense Force: World Brothers (PC)

By abandoning most of the cheesy elements and overhauling the gameplay, Earth Defense Force: World Brothers is a fun experience.

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Indie Studios Should Look to Local Conventions in 2021

As life returns to normal, indie studios should look to local conventions as way to promote their upcoming titles.