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Review | Kaiju Wars (PC)

Kaiju Wars is one big love letter to the kaiju genre as it knows what defined it and what makes it so iconic.

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How to Plan for the FanimeCon Weekend

A simple guide to help you plan and to make the most out of your weekend at FanimeCon.

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8Bit/Digi’s Collection of Star Wars Cosplayers (Happy Star Wars Day 2022)

In honor Star Wars Day, we want to look back at some of the amazing Star Wars cosplayers we have encountered.

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Highlights from OffKai Expo 2022

From insightful panels to a vibrant dealer hall and more, these are the highlights from OffKai Expo 2022.

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Review | The House of the Dead: Remake (PC)

The House of the Dead: Remake is a reunion for old-school gamers while introducing a new generation to the arcade classic.

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How Running With Scissors Perfected the “Release it Now, Fix it Later” Strategy

How Postal 2 perfected the strategy of releasing a broken game and fixing it later while other titles face a massive backlash for doing it.

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Review | Attack on Titan: The Final Season Pt. 2

Attack on Titan: The Final Season Pt. 2 sets the foundation for the final showdown while adding more depth to an emotionally strong series.