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Review | Attack on Titan (Season 3 Pt.2)

Season 3 Pt.2 of Attack on Titan bring everything into perspective by answering all the questions regarding this merciless but beautiful world.

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Highlights from Anime Expo 2019

From the premier of new series to demoes of upcoming games and cosplayers show casing their work, here are the highlights from Anime Expo 2019.

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Anime Expo 2019 | Demoing Attack on Titan: Tactics

A first hand look at the upcoming game, Attack on Titan: Tactics during my weekend at Anime Expo 2019.

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Cosplaying @ Anime Expo 2019

From authenticity to creativity, this is some of the best cosplaying during the Anime Expo 2019 weekend.

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Anime Expo 2019 | My Hero Academia Season 4 Premier

Season 4 of My Hero Academia premiered at a special panel (with the cast) during Anime Expo 2019.

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Review | HVER PRO RGB Keyboard

Kaliber Gaming HVER PRO RGB from IOGear is the ideal gaming keyboard thanks to its balance of quality performance and affordability.

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Review | Attack on Titan: Assault (iOs)

Attack on Titan: Assault bring everything that has made the series an icon to the iPhone in a respectful manner.