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Review | The Caligula Effect: Overdose (PS4)

The Caligula Effect: Overdose is an experience that understands what kind of game it wants to be while also standing out in its own right.

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Review | Kingdom Hearts III (Xbox One)

After a long wait, Square Enix has given fans so much and more with Kingdom Hearts III.

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5 Important Tips for GDC First Timers

Tips and advice for anyone going to the Game Developers Conference for the first time.

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Review | Beat Cop (PS4)

Beat Cops brings everything that made the original such a great experience to the PlayStation 4.

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Rape Day Highlights Steam Problem with Quality Control

The controversy regarding Rape Day has once again brought into question the problem with Steam quality control.

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Highlights From DevelopersWeek SF Bay Area 2019

From new trends in the tech industry to advancements in new technology, these are the highlights from DevelopersWeek SF Bay Area 2019.

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Highlights from the Game Pitch Night – February Edition

Game Pitch Night – February Edition brought together indie developers for the chance to showcase their work.