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Review 1

Toy Review | Fallout Nano Force Series 1 Army Builder Collection

All four volumes of the Fallout Army Builder Collection was setup for both dedicated fans and collectors.

Special Event 6

Highlights from SacAnime Winter 2019

From insightful panels to well crafted cosplayes and high profile guests, these are the highlights from SacAnime Winter 2019.

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Playing the Resident Evil 2 “1-Shot Demo”

A look at the Resident Evil 2 “1-Shot Demo” and what fans could expect.

Review 0

Review | Goblin Slayer (Season 1)

Goblin Slayer is a dark fantasy that could only be described as anime’s long awaited answer to Game of Thrones.

Review 2

8Bit/Digi’s 10 Best Games of 2018

As the year comes to an end, it’s time to look back at the best games of 2018.

Review 3

Late Review | Far Cry 5 (PS4)

Far Cry 5 is the first radical redesign of the series since the third game and it works to its advantage.