About 8Bit/Digi

Who Are We?

8Bit/Digi is an online magazine that focus on the culture of video games while examining the medium as an art. We are gamers who started playing on the NES and have seen the culture grow from being a child’s toy to a respected art along with a major cultural phenomenon.

Our Backstory

8Bit/Digi started back in 2013 as a side project by Stan Rezaee to preserve some of his video game articles and reviews he had written for another website that was being shutdown. Soon it begin to evolve as he started using the blog as a collection of video game reviews that were written for other websites. Then in late 2015 it was decided to turn this simple blog into an online magazine.

Today we are growing thanks to Stan Rezaee dedication along with our two volunteer writers. We still have plenty to do but we are happy to be on the right path.

Our Rating Scale

Here is a quick breakdown of our rating scale:

10 = The best of the best.
9 = One of the best
8 = Its good
7 = Its good but not perfect
6 = Its ok.
5 = Mediocre
4 = Needs some work
3 = Not good
2 = Total and unforgivable garbage.
1 = No effort was made and not worth anyone’s time.
0 = The creators should probably not quit their day job.


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