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SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays is both a treat for Gundam fans and an introduction to stories that are outside of the Universal Century timeline. This treat by Bandai Namco is part of the ongoing celebration of the Gundam Franchises 40th Anniversary.

Gundam is a lore rich franchise that is made even more complex by the numerous spin-offs. SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays is a tactical game that follows the story of these spin-offs. It’s a unique way to either relive your favorite story while also being introduced to a new one.

This World That Tekkadan Built

SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays is a tactical RPG that brings together four different universes in the franchise. Players will be able to experience the story of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Mobile Suit Gundam 00, and Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans. Best of all, it’s not limited to the main series but also the OVA’s and movies of that timeline. Each chapter successfully recreates the story by using the original script along with the soundtrack from the series.

For me personally, I’ve been a fan of Wing (it introduced me to Gundam) and Iron-Blooded Orphans. However, the game did inspire me to give SEED and 00 a chance. If you’re interested in watching any of these spin-offs, they are all available on Crunchyroll.

To say Cross Rays success is due to fan service would be grossly inaccurate. The game is a tactical role-playing game that uses the standard setup and gameplay mechanics. To its credit, the mechanics are easy to learn for those unfamiliar with the genre. the keybinding are easy to work with but one may need to make some adjustments if using an Xbox One controller.

The games only real problems are the performance issues. Specifically the bugs, glitches and frame rate drops. The game crashing bugs have been resolved but there are several glitches that I encountered during my play-throughs. Then there are moments that players will experience a frame rate drop. Also I have to note that some functions or features that were not properly explained

Let’s be honest, a little performance issues isn’t going to get in the way of our enjoyment. Despite these short comings, I find myself playing on average two hours a session.

A Gesture of Civility

SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays is both a treat for Gundam fans and an introduction to the spin-off series. It works both as fan service or a gateway to the series outside the Universal Century timeline.

Disclaimer: The game used for this review was provided by fortyseven communications.

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SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays





  • Great fan service for Gundam fans.
  • Introduces you to stories outside the UC timeline.
  • Relive iconic moments from the series.


  • Minor performance issues and frame rate drops.
  • Some functions are not clearly explained.


  1. They need to make a real Gundam game like they use to back in the day. No more of this free to play or RTS games but a real one like Journey to Jaburo.

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