A Chance to Play Battle Alliance for the First Time

A highlight of the Anime Expo 2022 weekend, the Mobile Suit Gundam AX VIP Event was an opportunity for members of the community and the press to learn what is new in the franchise. Among the festivities and announcements was the first chance to play the upcoming game, SD Gundam: Battle Alliance.

SD Gundam: Battle Alliance is one of the latest Gundam games in the works and the first title in the SD series since G Generation Cross RaysI got the chance to learn more about the game and play the demo.

An Introduction to SD Gundam

For those unfamiliar, SD Gundam (short for Super Deformed Gundam) is a chibi spin-off to the Gundam franchise. Most of the anime and manga have featured anthropomorphic chibi versions of mobile suits. They have also been adopted into games that are known for their turn-based gameplay. 

SD Gundam: Battle Alliance is a major departure from the traditional setup in several ways. This is a third-person action RPG that allows players to relive iconic moments from the many Gundam series. This includes the main series (set in the Universal Century timeline) along with spin-offs like Mobile Suit Gundam 00. The twist is that the story follows a disruption in the timeline that allows for characters from one timeline to be swapped into another. 

Playthrough of Battle Alliance

During the Gundam VIP Event, several demo stations were set up to allow guests the chance to try Battle Alliance. Even though the game is set to launch for every major console and the PC, only the PlayStation 5 version was available during the event. 

The demo featured five tutorial stages and two missions. The tutorial stages went into detail about how the game functions along with going in-depth regarding its gameplay mechanics. The two missions featured were based on Mobile Suit Gundam (Ep 19: Ramba Ral’s Attack!) and Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans (Ep 24: Tekkadan). Both missions allowed players to take on the role of the main hero only the boss battle features a twist in which the main antagonist is switched for another character. After each mission is complete, players level up and could upgrade their mobile suits. 

Even though most of the game was locked, players were given plenty to experience. Plus the replay value was enough to make you come back for more (but it was also important to share with others). 

Final Thoughts Battle Alliance

Bandai Namco wants SD Gundam: Battle Alliance to be another great Gundam game and an introduction to the many series in the franchise. It’s going to do an excellent job at doing both. The game itself has easy-to-learn gameplay mechanics as anyone can get into it quickly and it’s fun to play. At the same time, it is rich in Gundam lore while making you interested in the franchise’s other titles. 

SD Gundam: Battle Alliance is set to launch on August 25th, 2022. It will be available for the PlayStation and Xbox consoles along with the Nintendo Switch plus the PC.  

Did you get a chance to check out SD Gundam: Battle Alliance during Anime Expo 2022? If so then share your story in the comment section below.

Disclaimer: Anime Expo provided me with a pass for the weekend

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