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After the failure of titles like Battleborn, its clear that trying to mimic the success of Overwatch is a guaranteed path to failure. Heroes of Warland is able to avoid this trap by doing two things different, being a mobile game and having a 1940’s theme.

I don’t want to say Heroes of Warland works well because it has no competition from Blizzard. Truth be told, there is more to it then just being a hero shooter for the mobile device that is actually playable. Yet this game could become forgettable the moment Blizzard decides to port Overwatch to the iOs.

Welcome to the Warland

Heroes of Warland takes the gameplay elements of Overwatch and simplifies it while also adding the design aesthetics of Team Fortress 2. Meanwhile each match is fast paced and short (lasting 2 – 5min), while also fun to play. The end result is a fast paced hero shooter that is ideal for the mobile device.

Unlike all the other hero shooters, Heroes of Warland prefers a 1940’s theme over a sci-fi theme. Players could pick a character based on a generic hero featured in a pulp novel from the era. Each character will bring their own charm and style of combat to the battlefield. If someone prefers fighting from a distance then Huntress will be the ideal, but if a player prefers to go in guns blazing then Ironsight and Big Deal are the perfect characters.

Trouble in Warland

Heroes of Warland is a fun game but it has a lot of problems that can’t be overlooked. One issue I had was the convoluted progression system, which requires playing as character while collecting cards and badges (determined by loot boxes) just to upgrade a trait.

Next, I have to note that the bots are really dumb and it becomes obvious when they dominated the match. Sure, the chances of winning are higher but it doesn’t really feel like a true victory.

Despite these shortcomings, Heroes of Warland has become one of my new favorite mobile games. It did a lot to stand out from other hero shooters while bring what makes them great to an untapped audience.

Victory or Defeat

Heroes of Warland is a fast paced hero shooter that is able to avoid the mistakes that doomed other titles of the same genre. Most notably it brings the action to the mobile device and ditches the sci-fi setting for a 1940’s tone.

Update and Correction: It was brought to my attention from the Heroes of Warlands team that I had the option to alter the control layout. I was able to to change the control layout to accommodate my play style. This changes a lot given how the default control layout was one of my biggest issues. As a result, I have raised the overall score.

Disclaimer:This game is free on the App Store and we received no in game credit from the publisher or developer.

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Heroes of Warland (iOs)





  • Easy to learn
  • Good selection of chracters
  • Matches are quick


  • Convoluted progression system
  • Bots are extremely dumb

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