The Cosplay Wrestling Federation is a staple of the anime scene in California but organizing and operating it isn’t cheap. That is why they have launched their Patreon page to help support their events.

The Patreon page went live on May 4th and currently there are three diffrent donation tiers. Funds collected will be used for many of the behind the scenes cost along with the purchase of new equipment.

Those who donate $5 will get a shoutout during the CWF’s podcast and those who donate $10 will get shoutout during an actually show. In the past, the CWF has supported itself with sale of merchandise during its shows.

In the spirit of wrestling and cosplay, Cosplay Wrestling Federation has the most iconic characters in pop-culture go toe-to-toe in a battle of personalities. The show has been a staple of video game and anime conventions in California.

Their last event was at DAiCon 2019 (with Tommy Wiseau coming out victorious) and the next one will be at FanimeCon 2019. More CWF events will be announced in the coming months.

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