To celebrate Steam Next Fest and in preparation for its March release, Nightdive Studios has announced that they have released a second demo for their upcoming remake of System Shock.

Now available on Steam, this demo gives fans a look at the progression of the  System Shock remake. Taking the lessons learned from the previous demo, the end results are a series of improvements in preparations for the launch. The demo allows players to experience the opening section with no restrictions.

The previous demo was released back in March 2020 and presented a look into the game. Nightdive Studios is currently working on bugs and localization in preparation for the March 2023 launch.

System Shock is a cyberpunk-themed horror RPG that was originally released on the PC back in 1994. The story follows a hacker aboard the Citadel Station who is enticed to hack SHODAN (the station’s AI system). However; when its ethical constraints are removed, the AI unleashes a wave of terror upon the station. 

It has been hailed as a video game pioneer for its story and the many gameplay mechanics it introduced. Its success was followed by a sequel that has also been equally praised and influential. 

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