Following its successful launch on the PC back in 2018, Sakura Cupid is now available for the Nintendo Switch. 

Developed by Winged Cloud and published by Gamuzumi (console version only), Sakura Cupid is launched for the Nintendo Switch. 

The story follows Lilim, a lazy cupid who has been exiled from Heaven. With her newfound freedom, she indulges in her hobbies of comics and TV. However, everything backfires when she accidentally makes a human girl fall in love with her.

Nintendo gamers will also be excited to learn that the game is currently on sale at the My Nintendo Store. At the time of writing, it’s 20% off the original price. 

Gamuzumi is a developer and publisher of mature games (specifically eroge and ecchi titles). They do in-house porting of popular titles as well as developing original works. 

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