Another sign that life is starting to return is Cyber Racoon has announced they will start hosting live tournaments.

Cyber Racoon will be hosting live tournaments and events starting on June 27th. Nothing has been confirmed yet but a schedule of all upcoming events will become available soon. However, one could expect the return of Soulcalibur, Super Smash Bros., and Tekken tournaments soon. The announcement was made in the following post:

Prior to the lock down, Cyber Racoon would host a verity of eSport tournaments at their venue. Like so many venues, they were forced to end all live events and limit their activities. The last tournament they hosted was the Saturday Soul Calibur6 6 hours casual play back in February 2020.

They are also not the only gaming cafe to announce the return of live events. AFKxp has announced the return of a verity of live events (including Smash and table top games). Euphnet Cyber Café has also begun to return to normal business hours with events coming soon. Also a number of conventions have also announced the return of live events.

As of June 21st, 59.7% of the California’s population has received their first dose of the vaccine while states has lifted most economic restrictions.

Cyber Raccon Gaming Cafe is a PC gaming cafe that also host numerous eSport tournaments and events. Announcements regarding upcoming events and tournaments are posted on their Facebook page.

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