There is no point to the "console wars" (be it serious or in jest) as it's an argument that needs to die. 8Bit/Digi

The last time I ever had a debate about which console was superior was the early 2000’s. PlayStation 2 had dominated the market as the Xbox and GameCube made their debut while Dreamcast was enjoying its last days. As time passed, debating which console is better had became pointless. Each one has something that makes them unique.

When someone asks which console to buy, I just tell them to get what ever makes them happy. Hence, you could imagine my annoyance every time a console war flares up online.

The console wars have been an age-old debate among the community over which system is the superior one. Each faction will vouch that their console is better because of some specs, a special feature, and a list of exclusive titles. Since the Sixth Generation; it has been a three-way battle between PlayStation, Nintendo, and Xbox. Some outlier will try to waltz in only to get crushed by the big three (looking at you Ouya and Stadia).

E3 2021 was an underwhelming event but it has also seen some dumb takes regarding the “console wars”. From declaring one console the winner to someone being clowned-on for changing their console preference. I want to say this is limited to just a few fringe fanboys but then you got toxic influencers who add fuel to the flames just for attention. Most of these arguments and takes are just pathetic attempts for attention that has no value in deciding which console to purchase.

This debate made sense back when the market was flooded with so many consoles. Unfortunately, it lacks any merit today since it’s less about hardware and more about the exclusive titles along with what gaming community one prefers.

The PlayStation community could be best described as being influenced by its rich gaming history along with a mix of Japanese and nerd culture. The Xbox community could be best defined of having a more contemporary culture. Titles like Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy and Uncharted have defined the PlayStation’s long history. Then you have classics like Halo, Call of Duty and Gears of War have defined the Xbox community.

Also you can’t just lump Nintendo into this debate. Most of us were first introduced to video games by Nintendo and still have fond memories of classics like Mario, Pokemon, Super Smash Bros., and The Legend of Zelda. Plus, we are all Nintendo fans at heart (regardless of console preference).

So how do I answers the questions about which console to get (when asked)? I always tell them go with whatever brand they previously had. If you have a PlayStation 4 then get a PlayStation 5, if you had an Xbox One then get an Xbox Series X. Should you also get a Nintendo Switch? Yes, regardless if you already own an Xbox or PlayStation.

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  1. You say console wars are a pointless and dumb discourse but you also go out of your way to fanboy for Nintendo. I’m loyal to my Xbox because its better then NoStation and Nofriendo.

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