Note: The video clips used are B Roll provided by Oculus.

Judging by the reviews I have been doing this week, one would be under the impression that I’ve been having a craving for mech games. I’m not obsessed with mech games, they just happen to be fun to play. Vox Machinae is no exception as this has to be one of the best game of its kind for VR.

During Oculus Connect 5, I got the chance to play Vox Machinae – which saw a surprise release during the convention. This is a game that was truly made for hardcore mech fans, as in the kind that is into BattleTech and Macross while considering Robotech to be blasphemy (personally I liked Robotech as I grew up watching it back in the day on Toonami).

The game is a multiplayer VR mech simulator that has players battle each other or bots in intense combat. So why do I say “hardcore mech fans” will love it? Because the control set up is based on how you can work with system in the game. As in players will have to use the joystick in the game and not on the controller to operate the mech. Honestly good time of my experience was on working the in game panels and admiring the attention to details.

This is also its draw back as Vox Machinae the was clearly built for the hardcore fans. Gamers who are not into mech titles or simulators will not feel comfortable in this experience. From a personal perspective, it will take sometime to learn how to operate the mech, but once that’s done then it becomes one unforgettable experience.

Vox Machinae is clearly a mech simulator made by fans of the genre for the most hardcore fans. This is truly one of kinds titles that gamers have wanted from a VR experience and it has delivered on those expectations.

Final Score: 8/10

Disclaimer: Facebook provided the pass for Oculus Connect 5. This review is based on playing the game for several hours at an off-site event and at Oculus Connect.

This special report is part of 8Bit/Digi‘s coverage of Oculus Connect 5. If you attended the event, please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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