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I decided to do something different by starting the new year with a stop to the Consumer Electronics Show 2020. This is one of the largest trade expos of its kind and is hosted at the Las Vegas Convention Center along with the Sands Expo plus the surrounding areas.

The event brought together major tech companies along with major vendors, government agencies and the media from around the world. This was an opportunity to see what is coming to the market and what to expect in the future.

Canon Consumer Electronics Show 2020

The Expo Floor

From major tech giants like Google, Sony and Samsung to the likes of Ford and Lamborghini, the show floor is where everyone would flex their technological achievements. The showroom was divided between the Las Vegas Convention Center and the Sands Expo.

Here are some of the booths I got to check out during the Consumer Electronics Show 2020:

Southern Telecom was showcasing the best from their many brands, among them was the gear from PBX Gaming. They were showcasing their many gaming keyboards, mouses, headsets and speakers. Also on display were several gear that are going to be released sometime in 2020. Visitors could demo some of the gear over a game of Counter-Strike.

Canon was showcasing their latest along with the most popular cameras. Visitors could feel like a pro by demoing a verity of cameras during a fashion show on their runway. Also showcased was there digital cameras that were crafted for streaming.

Consumer Electronics Show 2020
Portege X30L

A pioneer in the development of laptops, Dynabook was showcasing its current products and their history. The had announced their latest laptop, the Portege X30L, which is their lightest but also the most durable product coming to the market. Guest got to witness its capability and durability firsthand at the booth.

Following a productive year at numerous gaming events and the success of several gaming accessories in 2019, IOGear was at CES 2020 to showcase their latest products. Among the major unveiling were the UpStream Pro Video Production Switch, the MMOmentum mouse and the HVER Pro X.


Being one of the biggest companies in the consumer electronics market, Samsung came to CES 2020 with a show of force. Their exhibit was a showcase of the latest televisions, smartphones and projects in the works.

During my tour, I got to checkout the following:

The Wall was not hard to miss and the name is self-explanatory, a wall sized TV. Displayed on several walls during their showcase, this concept was the center of attention. Large crowds would gather to see the impressive visuals.

Odyssey G9 is their latest PC gaming monitor being developed. While numerous companies have unveiled curved gaming monitors, this one brings with it the picture quality and performance that Samsung is known for. The idea behind it is to mimic the visual enhancements of VR with its 100R curvature and 990 view.

Sero is an interactive screen developed with artists and creators in mind. This screen could rotate (and rotate the image as well) while allowing user to interact with it to create what ever they desire. Or it could be used for an impressive art display for a major events.

The Dell Experiences

The Dell Experience was a showcase of the latest PC desktops, laptops and software during the Consumer Electronics Show 2020. Hosted at The Venetian, this was an opportunity to get a firsthand look at the latest from one of the leaders of the PC industry.

Among the highlights of this showcase was:

XPS 13 is the latest laptop designed with portability and efficiency. Speaking with Randall Heaton, I got to learn more about the latest notebook that was just released. The XPS 13 is crafted with woven glass fiber while also using an aluminum chassis. It has also been designed with a low terminal conductor (thus it won’t get too hot when using).

Dell Mobile Connect is an app that connects your phone to your Dell laptop. This allows users to answer text message on your PC. It also allows users to transfer photos and files from a mobile phone to a laptop / desktop. It works with Android while mirroring iPhones.

Dell Cinema Guide is the answer to the Balkanization of media. The app connects users to the over 100 different streaming services through its search engine. Users could connect their accounts to the app and organize their preferences based on numerous factors. During my session, I looked to see how many streaming services had My Hero Academia. The results were from Adult Swim, Hulu and Crunchyroll.

Alienware UFO was one of the most talked about reveals during CES. Visitors praise it as a competitor to the Nintendo Switch with the hopes it could help bring new life to the portable games market.

Consumer Electronic Show 2020 Seagate

Seagate Exhibit

The Seagate Exhibit was a showcase of the latest hard drives, gaming gear, creator technology and software during the Consumer Electronics Show 2020. Hosted at the Sands Expo, here are some of the exhibits I got to checkout:

Looking Glass Factory is a leader in holographic display plus design and they had their work on display at the Seagate Exhibit. Speaking with co-founder Alex Hornstein, I got to checkout a demo of their 8K Display Screen. Also being showcased was their 3D Hollo Image, images made with a special camera. Their screen display and software is being used to create immersive projects.

FireCuda Dock is a 4 TB external storage hub that gives users an all in one storage space for a PC, laptop and Xbox One. During the demonstration, it was connected to a Razor Laptop, a gaming PC and an Xbox One (that was a few steps away from the setup). It is expected to be launched sometime in March.

This special report is part of 8Bit/Digi‘s coverage of the Consumer Electronics Show 2020. If you attended the event, please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Disclaimer: CES provided me with press credentials for the week.

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