CES 2020 Alienware UFO

One of the most talked about reveals during CES 2020 was the Alienware UFO. Presented as a competitor to the Nintendo Switch, it could help bring new life to the portable games market (which has been suffering due to mobile market).

During my time at the Dell Experience (located at The Venetian) I got the chance to learn more about the Alienware UFO. I also got the chance to demo it using some respected gaming titles.

CES 2020 Alienware UFO

Learning About the UFO

Speaking with Eddy Goyanes at the Dell Experience, the Alienware UFO uses the Intel 10th Generation processor while using Windows operating system. It has docks to connect a mouse and keyboard along with console controls. It can play games on most content delivery platforms like Steam. It also has an integrated kickstand on the back.

While its unclear what kind of games could be played on the UFO, it has been tested with most current release titles. However, don’t expect it to run a hardware demanding title on full setting (like Red Dead Redemption 2).

In regards to the battery life, that is still a work in progress. No accurate or expected time frame could be given at the moment as this was an evolving project. The team is fully aware that the battery life is going to make all the difference and are working to ensure its longevity without sacrificing quality.

CES 2020 Alienware UFO

Demoing the UFO

During my demo session; I played some racing game demo and Halo (via The Master Chief Collection). The session included both in portable mode and in dock mode (with the UFO connected to a monitor).

While in portable mode, the UFO may look massive in size but was surprisingly lightweight. Controls layout was easy to work with and find (since it felt like a standard console controller). The graphics and visual details were of exceptional quality (especially since it was in portable mode).

During my session in dock mode, it felt no different than playing the Nintendo Switch. The only difference was it had the power of a PC and I was playing Halo.

Final Thoughts

To say my overall impression of the UFO are positive would be an understatement. It performed exactly as it should without sacrificing too much in regards to the visual quality (in portable mode). While it looks massive in size, I was surprised by how lightweight it was.

Unfortunately; the Alienware UFO is still in the early stage and more needs to be done. However the team is hoping to improve on this concept and include new hardware in the future. For now there is no set launch date but more information will be available in the future.

This special report is part of 8Bit/Digi‘s coverage of the Consumer Electronics Show 2020. If you attended the event, please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Disclaimer: CES provided me with press credentials for the week.

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