IOGear CES 2020 UpStream Pro Video Production Switch

Following a productive year at numerous gaming events and the success of several gaming accessories in 2019, IOGear was at CES 2020 to showcase their latest products.

The team had a booth setup at the Las Vegas Convention Center that showcased their latest gaming gear and accessories. Members of the media were also invited for a special tour of the latest IOGear products at CES 2020.

I got the chance to check some of them out during one of these media sessions.

IOGear CES 2020 UpStream Pro Video Production Switch

UpStream Pro Video Production Switch

The first thing that really got my attention was the UpStream Pro Video Production Switch. This is a unique video capture card and production setup that allows gamers to stream without the need for a PC. All work can be done on the production switch and either a smart phone or tablet.

UpStream Pro Video Production Switch supports 4K video input along with a RCA audio input while having two two 1080p cameras and a microphone. It works with most streaming services and allows users to broadcast on two platforms at once. Streamers could work with 8 screens at once and mix the audio while live streaming.

IOGear is expected to launch the UpStream Pro Video Production Switch sometime in February.


MMOmentum is a new gaming mouse that has been crafted with PC gaming in mind (especially MMORPG, RTS and MOBA titles). PC gamers could adjust its configuration based on their preference and it could hold up to 5 different profiles. It has built in weights that could be adjusted along with configurations to control its speed.

IOGear is expected to launch the MMOmentum sometime in March with a price tag of $50.


An advanced version of the HVER PRO RGB gaming keyboard with new improvements without sacrificing the quality. HVER Pro X has been designed to be even more light weight but also perform faster. It has also been built to accommodate hardcore gamers, hence it’s been built to be waterproof (or any preferred liquid).

During my session, I got to demo the HVER Pro X and the MMOmentum during a game of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. I played using a profile configured for shooter games. The result was me having one of my best games during that week. It performed how it should and I could notice how it affected my game.

Final Thoughts

The IOGear team kicked off 2020 by showcasing their latest gaming gear and accessories at the Consumer Electronic Show. Everything that was showcased was designed for devoted PC gamers.

IOGear has demonstrated that their gear and accessories have been crafted with the need of gamers. Having worked with or demoed their products, they have some of the best PC gaming accessories.

Overall, PC gamers should keep their eye open for what was featured at CES 2020.

Disclaimer: CES provided me with press credentials for the week.

This special report is part of 8Bit/Digi‘s coverage of the Consumer Electronics Show 2020. If you attended the event, please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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