Back in March, I got the chance to check out some amazing game titles and tech during the Game Developers Conference 2019. Among the unique gear I got to check out was the Kaliber Gaming HVER PRO RGB Keyboard from IOGear.

Lets flash forward to late May and I was able to acquire my very own HVER PRO RGB. After testing it for almost a month at home and during a few games away, this a look at how it compares to other gaming keyboards I’ve owned or used.

Note: For this review, I used the red switch version of the HVER PRO.

Setup and Performance

The setup was simple, plug it into the PC then download the software needed to setup everything. Personally, I felt the setup was no different from most gaming keyboards I’ve owned. However, if you’re one to ignore this setup, there are a few quick commands options available to choose.

Its performance as a gaming keyboard is what a gamer would expect from one of exceptional quality. Having used it while playing 15 different games, it was able to handle my play style thanks to its NKRO design. I also found it to be exceptional when it comes to other uses, such as writing and working on other projects.

During the test, the only issue I had was that some of the text was not legible. I could easily spot out keys A to Z but the PgUp or PgDn keys were difficult to perceive.

Utility and Function

The first thing one is going to notice about the HVER PRO RGB Keyboard is how light it feels. Compared to most other gamer keyboards I’ve either owned or used, this has to be lightest. This is due to the material used along with the absence of frills seen on other keyboards. Yet one should not be fooled as the non-sliding heavy base allows it to stay in place while accommodating any play style.

The lack of additional features could also be a drawback if one uses their keyboard for other work. For example, my main keyboard has a USB slot which I use more often than the one in front of my computer (due to convenience).

For me personally, my current gaming keyboard meets all my needs while accommodating my work. However, I do see HVER PRO being useful as a secondary keyboard that I could take to conventions, small eSport events or LAN parties. Why? I’d rather not take a heavy keyboard with me and I don’t feel comfortable using someone else’s keyboard.

Like a console controller, my game is off when I’m using someone else keyboard but I’m in the zone when I’m playing with my own keyboard. Plus anyone who has been to a friends LAN party will know that most of the backup keyboards aren’t well kept. All this is important to know as this keyboard was a lifesaver during the few LAN parties and during FanimeCon.

If you’re happy with your current keyboard then the HVER PRO is the ideal secondary gaming keyboard. Its quality performance along with its light weight makes it perfect for taking it with you to conventions or LAN parties.

More Bang for Your Buck

At the time of writing, the HVER PRO can be purchased around $80. I don’t want to say that its price tag makes it one of the cheapest gaming keyboard because that would be insulting to its quality and reliability. Instead, I would say its affordable price makes it perfect to introduce gamers (be it old school or new) to the brand or to purchase it as a backup keyboard.


If you’re starting to enter the world of PC gaming or are looking at alternative gaming keyboards, then the HVER PRO RGB would be the ideal one. However, if you’re are happy with your current gaming keyboard, the HVER PRO would be perfect as a secondary that could be used at LAN parties or when you have to travel.

Thanks to its multipurpose uses, the Kaliber Gaming HVER PRO RGB from IOGear is the ideal gaming keyboard thanks to a balance of quality performance and affordability.

Disclaimer: IOGear provided the HVER PRO RGB Keyboard that was used for this review.

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  • Easy to setup
  • It's a quality keyboard at an affordable price.
  • Lightweight makes it perfect for LAN parties.


  • Some of the text on the keyboard is hard to read.
  • The no frills could be an issue for those who use their gaming keyboard for other tasks.


  1. I just invested in my first gaming PC and I bought the HVER keyboard after reading this review. I wanted a good gaming keyboard but my funds were limited, I was hesitant at first but I’m glad you convinced me. It is a great gaming keyboard and I thank you for the suggestion. However I feel like you under sold it in your review as I could talk about it for hours about how great it is.

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