The Island of Giant Insects movie

An Island of Carnage and Mayhem

The Island of Giant Insects has been a work that I’ve been excited for after watching the premier at Crunchyroll Expo. Making its world premier, the movie doesn’t holding anything back. Those who feared a censored adaptation will have very little to worry about as little is held back. If you enjoy cheesy and over top films B-Films then you will enjoy this.

It’s a movies that requires one to have an appreciation for grindhouse cinema. Be warned that this is not an anime for the squeamish. The plot is cheesy while being complemented with a tone of grotesque violence and nudity on the side.

Yet, you will enjoy every moment of The Island of Giant Insects.

The Island of Giant Insects

How to Survive Bug Island

Let’s be clear, this is not something highbrow like Your Name or thought provoking and philosophically rich like Neon Genesis Evangelion. This is the anime equivalent of a grindhouse that Joe Bob Briggs would recommend. Be aware that I say this as a complement. Not all works need to be from the Shōnen genre or a Studio Ghibli inspired masterpiece that appeals to fart sniffing snobs.

But don’t set your expectations very low. The Island of Giant Insects hits all the right marks in what makes a good grindhouse film. The plot is simple and the characters are easy to like or hate. Plus there is an ass load of gratuitous violence.

After their plane crashes, the surviving students from Houshou Private High School must work together to survive. However the situation is made complicated when its discovered that the island is populated by giant insects. Making matters worse is the clash of egos lead by Jinno Misuzu and Kamijo Atsushi. The groups only hope is the guidance of Oribe Mutsumi, an Entomology student.

Everything that one might like about a grindhouse is present in this film. A slaughterhouses worth of grotesque violence (hell yeah), a butt load of unnecessary nudity (oh definitely), low budget CGI insects that rip their victims apart (yes). It knows how to appeal to ones taste in low budget films in the right way.

The Island of Giant Insects

Would You Like to Know More?

The Island of Giant Insects does everything right when it comes to being a good grindhouse film. But in doing so it has also made some of the mistakes that comes with making such a film. It’s most notable issues are the awful looking CGI insects and the poor editing done to censor some scenes.

The quality of the animation is good for such a project but the CGI used for the insects is an eyesore. At the start, the quality is decent but it begins to take a massive dip when the film progresses. Most of the time it’s rare that the mix of CGI and standard animation mixes well during the film.

Even though the movie has a lot of violence and nudity, there are moments that were censored. This was done by darkening the parts of the scene. Sometimes it worked while other times it was just obvious that they were trying to hide something. Given the content of the film, trying blur out some elements is redundant.

Despite these shortcomings, The Island of Giant Insects hits all the right marks in regards to being a grindhouse anime. This is going to be one of those dumb films one is going to watch with friends during a horror film or bad movie night.

The Island of Giant Insects

B-Film Glory

From its grotesque violence to the cheesy plot, The Island of Giant Insects hits all the right marks in regards to a quality grindhouse film. It’s not some highbrow work of art but it’s still entertaining to watch for all the right reasons.

Disclaimer: I saw this movie on Crunchyroll (via VRV), which I pay for.

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The Island of Giant Insects (Movie)





  • It's an anime made to be a grindehouse movie.
  • Easy to follow story and likable characters.
  • Plenty of grotesque violence.


  • The CGI insects look awful.
  • The poor editing done to censor some scenes.


  1. I saw The Island of Giant Insects at Crunchyroll expo and honestly its one of those movies that is basically softcore hentai. Personally I don’t like blood in my porno.

  2. I agree the censoring was not needed, like really you cant show a guy being decapitated but you show nudity, being eaten alive nudity, and guys eyeballs popping out. But its hard no to losing a head gore or showing chicks butts!

  3. I was expecting this anime to be something so bad it’s good but I was not expecting it to almost be hentai. Honestly it’s very terrible but I’m not a fan of grindhouse as you say.

  4. Love the ahegao face that sempie makes after being stung by a wasp. Super hot! Yes I’m watching this as hentai and not grindhouse!

  5. I believe you mean B-film because Grindhouse is a theater not a type of movie. I blame Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez for this mix up. Also this isn’t grindhouse anime or B-film anime it’s just hentai.

  6. Saw the OVA at Crunchyroll Expo and saw the movie on Crunchyroll. Love a movie with so much violence and nudity you don’t see it that much thanks to all the PC nannies.

  7. They have violence and tits but showing butts and bush is too much. Clearly Crunchyroll is owned by SJW who are easily offended!

  8. The Island of Giant Insects looks like an anime grindhouse that belongs in a shady theater or something to enjoy with friends during bad movie night.

  9. My overall impression is that basically a gory, insect-rape anime and it’s pretty bad. Too much focus on awful cliched characters and a story that isn’t even explained. IT was all in dull character interactions and several shots of insect rape gore.

  10. To the dude who recommended I skip to the 0:39:39 time stamp, thank you! I beat off to that part from time to time, its good hentai. As for The Island of Giant Insects as a movie, great movie and cant wait for the sequel.

  11. My favoirte part is when all the SJW get triggered by all the hot naked chicks running around all the vegans being butt hurt at animals being the enmy. The Island of Giant Insects is truly a work of art.

  12. island of giant insects has some of the best nude scenes i seen in a non hentai anime. so glad crunchyroll did not wuss out and censor all the good nude scenes from the movie just to appease china iran and mormans.

    • TMI dude, It’s nice you like hentai but take it easy. Also Island of Giant insects doesn’t have the best nude scenes.

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