It’s official, Alan Wake has been removed from the Steam Store and all digital downloads due to a dispute with the music licensing agreement.

I checked Steam this morning and it was officially removed as of 5/16/2017. Remedy Entertainment and Microsoft are still negotiating the matter but until its settled, the games can not be available for digital download. Those who picked up the game for 90% off over the weekend get to keep it forever and can re-download it as many times they like.

Remedy’s head of communication, Thomas Puha, has stated:

“Microsoft and Remedy are looking into renegotiating the music licenses, but there’s nothing more to comment on that for now. Obviously having to remove the game from stores is rather unfortunate. So, we figured, let’s discount the game heavily and those who have not bought Alan Wake yet, here’s your chance to grab it on Steam.”

However those who missed out will have to find a hard copy of Alan Wake through Amazon or at GameStop. Alan Wake’s American Nightmare was only available through digital distribution and could be lost forever.

Alan Wake is a psychological horror game that is heavily inspired by the works of Steven King. The story follows  novelist Alan Wake as he tries to find his missing wife while experiencing events that are similar to the plot of his novels.

Don’t worry, I was able to get my copy of Alan Wake before it was to late.

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