We Take Those is a weekly Super Smash Bros. (Wii U) tournament at GameOver eSports that attracts a unique crowd of players from all over the Bay Area to compete in a friendly but competitive match.

For the 8/17 event, over 40 players competed in either a singles or double sudden death game using the ladder system. After everyone has battled each other, the top 10 would move to the final round that would be organized with a bracket system. The entire tournament was managed and organized using SmashGG system.

We Take Those #58

The doors were open since 6pm and a few players had already claimed their spot but it was around 6:30 that crowd started to show up. While the GameOver team was setting everything up, players got the chance to mingle with each other or practice. When it was time for the event, players met up with their opponents and were reminded to be logged in to SmashGG’s system for their match to count.

Some treated the first two rounds as a casual opportunity to test their skills or while many wanted to better know their competition. As the tournament progressed, the games became more competitive while few kept the casual ambience depending on their end goal for the night.

Those who were not competing or were eliminated were mostly mingling with other players to learn how to better themselves. Some decided to keep practicing over a game of Super Smash Bros. Melee. A few however decided to escape all Smash by playing a game of Tekken 7 instead.


Meet The Players

The players were mostly Bay Area locals or from the inland communities who came to play a competitive game of Super Smash Bros. While many of the players were professionals, there were also a good number of amateur players who were there to compete for fun.  but this gap did not diminish anyone’s sense of sportsmanship.

Over 40 players were competing and here are the few who were happy to share their thoughts:

Shoaib Rasooti is a professional player who is one of the top ranking players at both GameOver and the NorCal region. Many of the other players spoke highly of him and the more professional players hope to go up against him in the final round.

Luis Oceguera has only been competing for a year but has quickly become the 4th best Super Smash Bros. in the Nor Cal region. As with Rasooti, many of the other players also spoke highly of him and the more professional players hope to go up against him in the final round.

Matt Lee is player who has been playing competitively for only 10 months and is a regular at GameOver. However its not about winning (even though that would be nice) but instead is all about meeting new people.

Having fun is the ultimate goal for as coming here is all about meeting new people and developing a friendship over something we enjoy.


The Final Results

Here are the final results of We Take Those #58 with both the singles tournament and the doubles. Note: a complete and more in-depth look is available on SmashGG.

Singles Double
1st: CL | DSS 1st: DSS & 3xA
2nd: GoE | Vermillion 2nd: Lui$ & Smurf
3rd: CL | BaSK 3xA 3rd: HoMaGah & Sean
4th: TCM | King Koopa 4th: SnorlaxPlox & Hypekirby
5th: GoE | Krustol 5th: Jehtt & Mudomo


The next We Take Those will be on August 22 at the same time. Everyone is welcome to put their skills to the test or learn how to be a better fighter and make new friends.

Did you get a chance to check out We Take Those #58? If so then share your story in the comment section below. Special thanks to the staff at GameOver eSports for being an outstanding host.

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  1. This may be an unpopular opinion but I feel Smash for the Wii U is better than Smash Melee. Sorry but it perfected everything that was good about Melee and fixed all the problems.

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