What to Expect in May 2023

As the Spring Season is in full swing, Viz Media has announced a list of major releases for the month of May 2023. This includes new manga series, the return of beloved stories and major DVD launches. Also coming this month are some art books that present an insightful look into your favorite series.

All works can be purchased through Viz Media or authorized vendors. Here is a breakdown of all the major releases from Viz Media during the moth of May.

Series Debut

Wolf Girl and Black Prince: The series follows Erika Shinohara as she makes up a boyfriend after getting jealous of her friend’s love life. When she is at risk of being exposed, Kyoya Sata agrees to be her pretend boyfriend. However, it comes at a cost and now Erika is beholden to Kyoya. The series is created by Ayuko Hatta and it will be released on May 9th. 

Dark Gatherings: Keitaro is ready to stop living as a shut-in. He’s starting to take classes, gets a job, and reconnects with a childhood friend. Unfortunately, he hits a speed bump when he learns that one of his students occult-obsessed genius who’s hunting down dangerous spirits. The series is created by Keitaro and it will be released on May 9th. 

New Volumes (Anime Tie-ins)

My Hero Academia (Vol. 34): All For One will has taken over Shigaraki, becoming a threat to world peace. Despite the threat, the world is hesitant to dispatch heroes to Japan. Hope is not lost as Star and Stripe, the number one hero in America, arrives to help stop All For One.

One-Punch Man (Vol.25): The heroes are trapped in an underground labyrinth and must find a way to escape. Puri-Puri Prisoner has an encounter with Garou while Saitama teams up with the Flash.

Fly Me to the Moon (Vol. 17): Nasa and Tsukasa may have settled their differences but their relationship isn’t back to normal. 

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes (Vol. 14): The struggle continues as Koichi goes up against Number 6, who has transformed into a horrific monster. As the situation escalates, Koichi realizes this is too much for him to handle. 

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead (Vol. 10): Takemina bets it all to snap Akira out of his wealth-filled delusions. To do this, the group ventures to the ancient capital of Kyoto. Here they split off for some adventure in Gion, where the walking dead rule the streets.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Part 5- Golden Wind (Vol. 8): Secco and Bruno Bucciarati go head-to-head, shifting between traveling underground and through zippers with their Stands. Bucciarati has never faced a threat like this, can he overcome this foe or will he face defeat? 

New Volumes

Blue Box (Vol. 4): After Chinatsu nurses Taiki back to health, he feels the bond between them is growing. Things become complicated for Taiki when Hina invites him to the summer festival.

The Elusive Samurai (Vol. 6): Shinomiya and Hoshina suffered a setback in their battle with Kokushi’s forces. Even in defeat, Tokiyuki has learned a valuable lesson about strategy from his nemesis. Now a new battlefields await as Tokiyuki must head for Kyo.

Choujin X (Vol. 2): Tokio and Ely are training to become protectors of the prefecture. But in addition to having to learn all the choujin rules and regulations, they have to deal with fledgling abilities that won’t always do what they’re supposed to.

DVD Sets and Art Books

Pokémon Master Journeys: The Series follows Ash and Pikachu as they continue their journey. Once again they will meet new friends and encounter different Pokemon. The DVD set includes all 42 episodes on 5 discs. 

Also coming in May are three art books based on your favorite series. The Art of Haikyu!!, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba: The Official Coloring Book 2, and Jojo 6251 are also set to be released.

More to Come

These are not the only works that Viz Media will be releasing during the month of May. More announcements could be made in the future.

VIZ Media is the largest publisher and distributor of manga in North America. They are also the biggest distributor of anime on home media. Besides their business, they are also active in the fandom community with its support for anime conventions.

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