In a gift for fans of both Harry Potter along with the Arrowverse, Grant Gustin and Tom Felton were at Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017 for a special panel on The Flash.

The Flash Q&A with Grant Gustin and Tom Felton was a sold out panel that gave the star a chance to share their story while fans got the chance to ask questions. Both talked about their working relation with he cast and their admiration for the comic series while Felton shared his story of joining the cast following his success in the Harry Potter series.

This was also Gustin first appearance at a con and everyone could agree he was awesome. However he made the mistake of wearing a Dodgers attire in the Bay Area (but we forgave him once he took it off).

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This special report is part of 8Bit/Digi‘s coverage of Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017. If you attended the event or comic con, please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Disclaimer: Silicon Valley Comic Con provided 8Bit/Digi with press passes for the weekend.


  1. I was so mad when they said it was sold out, I really wanted to ask Draco Malfoy so many questions. I hope he comes back for Heroes and Villains or SF comic con.

  2. OK I’m super jelly you got to see Tom Felton even though we all know Danial Radcliff is the more awesome-sauce one.

  3. HArd to bElive the show was sold out, Flash is not that great of a show any ways I bet everyone just came to see Tom just to say to him that Harry Potter was a better wizard than his nazi looking ass

  4. This is all you had to say about The Flash panel? How long were you there for 5 min, you gave Buzz ALdrin a big ass article but only two pargraphs for the flash panel you guys are total bullshiot and your website sucks and I hope you all get cancer

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