The Cosplay Contest has always been a tradition at every con event and Silicon Valley Comic Con is no exception. Over 100 participants signed up to show their craftsmanship and dedication in front of a massive audience at the Civic Center.

Here are some of the amazing cosplay that were on display during the event:

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This special report is part of 8Bit/Digi‘s coverage of Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017.If you attended the event or comic con, please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Disclaimer: Silicon Valley Comic Con provided 8Bit/Digi with press passes for the weekend.


  1. congratulations to everyone who participated in the cosplay contest , she will put a lot of work and effort into making those outfits . regardless who won you guys are all winners because of what you guys did . I hope to see everyone at FanimeCon next month.

  2. Considering how new the con is, only in its second year, I thought it was great. Big Wow Con was a small con but this bigger brother was more fun. The comic dealer I know was lamenting that there were not a lot of buyers on a Saturday. I noticed too the halls were not crowded, likely due to the many outside activities. I was up front shooting this contest as well. Lots of cheering and having a good time. The host had never hosted a comicon cosplay before. A few glitches with the list he had, and he was a great storyteller. You can see my pix on, still posting more. Here’s one album:

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