In what has to be the most elaborate April Fools pranks along with the most unexpected television event, Adult Swim released the Season 3 premier of Rick and Morty in a special continues live stream event and televised loop.

Fans have been eagerly waiting since late 2015 to learn about the fate of Rick Sanchez after he is arrested by the Galactic Federation. Meanwhile tonight was suppose to be about watching the new episodes of Samurai Jack and Dragon Ball Super on Tonami while Season 2 of Attack on Titan made its premier online. Unfortunately everyone’s television plan ended up getting, “rickety-rickety-wrecked, son.”

This surprise season premier features Rick doing a little less set-up for Season 3 and a lot more tying loose ends that was leftover from Season 2. Still it’s both the kind of story fans will love that is also packed with throwbacks to memorable moments from previous seasons.


(Spoiler Alert) In “The Rickshank Redemption”; the Galactic Government has imprisoned Rick in a virtual reality world in the hopes of acquiring the mathematical equation used to create the portal gun. Back on earth, Jerry is blissfully happy with his new life while Beth and Morty have been unable to forgive Rick for turning himself in while Summer refuses to abandon him.

Making the best of his situation, Rick takes a government bureaucrat (voiced by Nathan Fillion) on a trip down memory lane. were we get a glimpse into how his life changed forever. Morty wants to show Summer why she needs to get over Rick by taking her to the alternative timeline that was ravaged by Cronenbergs (Rick Potion No. 9). However this life lesson backfires when the duo are captured by their alternative selves then apprehended by the Council of Ricks.

The tide is turned when its revealed that Rick tricked his captors into uploading a virus that would allow him to escape. At the same time the prison is raided by SEAL Team Rick who have come to take him out. Rick takes advantage of the situation by disposing of both parties then escaping. Now on a path of revenge, Rick infiltrates the Citadel of Ricks and teleports into the same Galactic Federation prison.

During the chaos; Rick is successful in rescuing his grandchildren while also taking out the entire Council. In his final act of revenge against the government, Rick hacks into the prison computer and devalues the currency from 1 to 0 (rendering it worthless). This results in the total collapse of the government while the Federation abandons Earth.

Everything comes to end when Rick is reunited with the family and Beth decided to end her marriage with Jerry. Following the end credits, its learned that Tammy Gueterman and the Federation have resurrected Birdperson as Phoenixperson.


First we all need to give credit to the sunrise premier of Season 3, one has to truly appreciate how unorthodox appeal. However anyone who has been a fan of Dan Harmon work should not be surprised by his dislike of the normal. Even if one was not a fan of Community, this itself this would be a classic Rick move on its own merit and for that it has to be praised.

“The Rickshank Redemption” is a combination of a classic Rick and Morty story that fans have waiting for so long, Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon rewarding their fans for waiting so long and a throwback to past episodes. The episodes ends up giving fans both closure and the desire to watch Rick bring down his enemies in a true Rick fashion over the most petty of reasons. Despite having a run time of only 23min, the story progression didn’t feel rushed while sequence of events were easy to follow.

Long time fans of the series will appreciate all the throw backs to past episodes along with the many nodes to pop-culture. Also one has to truly appreciate the fact that Nathan Fillion is playing a bureaucrat working for a galactic government (Firefly fans know what I’m talking about).


The surprise Season 3 premier of Rick and Morty has to be one of the greatest April Fools moments in television history. Even though fans will have to wait until the Summer to watch the complete season, at least we all know that Rick Sanchaz and Morty Smith are back.

Final Score: 9/10

Disclaimer: I watched this episode three times in a row during the live streaming before writing the review. 

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  2. Easily one of my new favorite episodes. It was funny, Summer was a badass, and I really want to try some of that Szechuan Chicken McNuggets now. Can’t wait for the rest of the season!

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