Saints Row IV was already an over the top experience but the winners of the modding contest may have cranked the crazy to over 9,000 (yes that reference is appropriate for this moment).

Back in February, Deep Silver and Volition partnered with Steam to host the Saints Row IV Steam Workshop contest. Fans had to upload their new mod to Steam Workshop starting on February 21 with March 25 being the deadline for all submissions. The mods were placed in three categories which are best new weapon, best new customization item, and best new misc.

The first place winners will receive a hardware prize packages (made up of an Intel i7 6700K CPU, Corsair K70 RGB Lux Keyboard, and Corsair Void USB-Carbon headset) while the runner ups will receive a bundle of Deep Silver Steam game codes. The winners and runner ups have been announced and they are:

  • The winner of the best customization mod was Angel of all Saints by Admixon with Animated Kaboom shirt by Aronia being the runner up.
  • The winner of the best weapon mod was Military Minigun Skin by 50percentjoe with Pancor Jackhammer by SeulbYhcrana being the runner up.
  • The winner of the best misc mod was SupperHawt Pack by Fan of Saints with DeLoren by Fan of Saints being the runner up.

Congratulations to all the winners and participants for adding to Saints Row IV over the top experience. All of the mods are now available to download through the Steam Workshop.

If you still haven’t picked up Saints Row IV then check out our review of the original game.

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