Back in January, I go the chance to better learn about PBX Gaming and their gaming accessories at CES 2020. Among the many gaming gear I got to check out was their gaming HDMI cable, PBX LYNK. Then come February and I get several PBX gaming accessories, including the HDMI cable I’m talking about now.

This is a review of the PBX LYNK based on using it for a few months. During that time, I connected it with several different consoles and used it for several tasks. This is a look at how it function (especially when compared to other HDMI cables) and how I can use it as a gamer.

The Gear

PBX LYNK is a durable HDMI cable designed for the needs of gamers. The cable has multi-stranded copper conductors in a dielectric shield that is wrapped in a copper braided shield with aluminum. All of this is protected by a polyurethane protective sleeve.

Utility and Function

During the time I’ve had the PBX LYNK, it has been incredible reliable. I first used it to connect my PS4 with my TV. After sometime, I sued it as my go to cable when connecting my laptop to the TV. Currently, I use it as my primary HDMI cable when it comes to streaming. I have it connected to my capture card, ready to change between any console.

The overall impression is that it does the job while also being dependable. It worked with my PlayStation 4, HDMI adapter (one for PS2 and another for GameCube), laptop, desktop and capture card. It delivers quality picture at a high-speeds with no problem and worked well with my TV. In regards to the performance, I have very little to complain about.

At 6ft, it is the perfect size for what I need and I don’t have to worry about a mess of cables behind my console. I could also easily take it with me for LAN parties, fan conventions or anytime I need to setup a console or stream. However, the length also limits what I can use it for. The most notable when it comes to connecting my laptop to a TV (I had to get a bit closer to my TV than I preferred). Overall, if you have a solid plan for its use then this is the perfect HDMI cable.

Final Thoughts

PBX LYNK is the perfect HDMI cable designed around the needs of a gamer, be it one who prefers consoles or PC. Be just connecting it to your console or using it for streaming or other needs, it’s the perfect HDMI cable for gamers.

Disclaimer: PBX provided the gear used in this review.

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  • Works with consoles and HDMI adaptor.
  • Works with PC desktop and laptop.
  • Very durable and the color schme matchs any gameing setup.


  • Cable length is both a blessing and a burden.

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  1. Did not know you guys review other stuff besides games and anime. Never heard of PBX but will give there cable a try if I ever need a new one.

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