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SacAnime has announced that they will be hosting the Manga Contest, marking the return of one of their most iconic events.

SacAnime Manga Contest 2020 invites creative individuals and teams to submit their own original work (no fan-fiction is allowed). All work must be submitted by September 1st in a PDF file (with the file naming format being: artistsname_mangacontest.pdf).

There is no theme for the work but they all must follow a certain guideline. All entries must have a cover while the contents must be penciled, inked and lettered. The art could either be in black & white or color. The work must have complete story (no cliffhangers) while having a minimum of 12 pages and a maximum of 48 pages. All submissions should be created in American format (front to back, left to right).

Creators will own the rights to their work. SacAnime has the right to publish all entries online along with commissioning a physical print run. SacAnime reserves the right to refuse or require adjustments (if submissions have any profanity or the content is too adult for a general audience).

The prize for the contest is as follows:
1st Place Winner: $1000
2nd Place Winner: $500 (depending on the number of submissions)
3rd Place Winner: $250 (depending on the number of submissions)

Besides the manga contest, the event also has a solid guest list. It includes Billy Kametz from The Rising of the Shield Hero and Faye Mata from KonoSuba. Joining them will be Jad Saxton and Alexis Tipton from Fire Force. Plus most of the cast members from My Hero Academia will be present. More guests along with events and panels will be announced in the coming months.

SacAnime Summer 2020 is one of the largest anime conventions in Northern California and will be held at Cal Expo during the Labor Day weekend. SacAnime Manga Contest first started during the 2005 show was a popular event until it ended in 2015.

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