By Alexandru Tanase

Monster Hunter has always been a series with a large following in Asia, but it didn’t really get to receive a lot of focus and praise outside that region. With Monster Hunter: World, Capcom has finally managed to hit a home run, as it offers a mainstream hit that people from all over the world can enjoy.

But what is Monster Hunter: World? It’s basically a game of skill where you have a huge range of levels that you need to battle various monsters and complete quests. The games world is large and varied, it includes a wide range of unique monsters and it always expands, which makes it quite amazing. You can play Monster Hunter: World alone, or you can enjoy it with other people too. Based on my experience, the monsters have more life when you play with others, so the gameplay is fair and rewarding regardless of how you chose to play.


Welcome to the New World

In order to be a monster hunter, you need the right skills and a good weapon. There are hundreds of weapons in the game. And there are lots of things to learn here too, as each weapon has its own stats and you need to study everything as much as possible so you can get the best possible results from that.

The beginning of the game is mostly a tutorial area where you can learn about the hub area and the core mechanics. What I liked about the game is that it puts you right into the action. They don’t really hold your hand at all here. They just put you in the middle of the game, and you need to do all you can to survive. The lack of cutscenes is great, and that does contribute to the immersion too. One thing to note is that they allow you to turn off the guidance and learn on your own. If you’re new to the series, it can be a great learning experience, but you can always receive guidelines from the game if you want.

What you will love about the game is how detailed the world is. It’s basically astonishing, and it does bring in front some of the nicest and coolest experiences that you can find in a console game. Each region is vibrant, and it looks nothing short of amazing. There are barren deserts; there are ancient forests, snowy regions and so on. All of these add up to an incredible visual experience that only gets better and better as you play. The game does shine mostly thanks to the great attention to detail, and it does bring in front some amazing opportunities to showcase your might as well.

A lot of people would like to know about the combat. As you can imagine, this is an RPG, and it does have a great focus on combat. Thankfully, the combat experience is very good. The weapons will definitely be huge at times, but you get to see and feel the size as well as abilities they offer as you use them. You get to enjoy using each weapon, and you will always be craving for something new and fun here.


Tools of the Trade

One thing to keep in mind is that the game has no shortage of weapons. And it also includes a crafting section too. So, you can feel free to craft new weapons and improve your skills to create some amazing potions. It does make a lot of sense, and the results you can get are really interesting. That being said, you do need to keep in mind that you can also add in some special bonuses and features to weapons as well. It’s an incredible thing to do, and it does bring in front some nifty ideas for you to enjoy.

Crafting does become an important part of the game as you progress, especially when you reach the higher levels. You will be able to create a very powerful armor and weapon, which in the end will bring in greater stats that your drops. That being said, loot is extremely important in this game, and it can surely offer you a great way to enjoy your time as you try to find new ways to make the game more meaningful and intense!

Also, even if you choose to play with others, the game will follow what was unlocked by the quest master. So the party creator is the one that will be able to choose those new quests, which is a nifty trick to have. Communication is key if you want to play with other people, as it just makes the game a lot more intense and interesting. While it can be a bit tricky at times, the gameplay does get better and better, and that’s exactly what you want from a title like this. Overall, the intensity and unique appeal do make the game so much better than you would imagine. So yes, it’s a very good idea to try out the game and see all it has to offer for yourself.

There’s no real reward if you play with friends. It’s just more fun to do. I find this to be great because otherwise, it will be an unfair advantage to make people focus more on coop play. It’s an option you can have, but it’s not mandatory, and that’s the thing that matters the most for you.


Let The Hunt 

Monster Hunter: World is one of the best RPGs out there, and it definitely manages to fulfill that fantasy you always had as a role play gamer. You get to hunt and battle a huge variety of monsters, you receive tons of great loot, and the game even throws a really good crafting system into the mix. What you get in the end is a stellar game experience and one that can’t be rivaled by any other game. If you love RPGs and battling monsters in general, this game will be a treat for you!

Final Score: 9/10

Alexandru Tanase is a freelance writer who enjoys playing video games and has written for numerous publications. The game he used for this review was purchased.  

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