After disrespecting Hideo Kojima and burning all their bridges, Konami is trying to crawl back into the good grace of the gaming community. Contra: Rogue Corps has demonstrated that is not going to be easy when you chase out all your talents.

Contra: Rogue Corps is the end result of when a game publisher chases out all their talented leaders and staff then replaces them with bottom dollar hacks. This game is mash up of so many annoying trends that there is nothing about this that feels like Contra. If you grew up playing the series in the arcade then you’re better off pretending this “entry” doesn’t exist.

The premies is basically players having to save the world from an alien invasion by blasting waves of them in each level. The only nice thing I could say about Contra: Rogue Corps is that it has some moments of fun.

But they are not memorable nor offer any redemption. What it lacks in redemption it makes up for with disappointment.

A problem exclusive to the PC version is that it doesn’t mouse and keyboard support. Yes, the PC version of this game (a system were mouse and keyboard are the default controls) offers no support for mouse and keyboard. Like most PC gamer, I invested a lot of money in my gamer keyboard and mouse (so I can have an edge). Plus, I find keyboard and mouse better than a console control. So to make me use a controller on the PC makes no sense.

With a slow paced action and awful gameplay mechanics, this is not a real Contra game at all. The biggest gameplay issue is that it tries to be challenging by adding an overheat meter. As someone who grew up playing Contra, this “overheat meter” derails any excitement one could have from the fast paced action of the series.

From a technical stance, there is another long list of problems. The graphics and artistic design are not creative but a visual eye soar. The overall performance is boggled down by a plethora of bugs and glitches.

Contra: Rogue Corps is the result of when a game publisher chases out all their talented leaders and staff then replaces them with leftovers. Like Metal Gear Survive, this is just Konami pissing all over the legacy of an iconic series.

If you’re are interested in exploring this iconic series for the first time then go play Contra Anniversary Collection instead.

Disclaimer: I bought this game on the Steam store and I seriously regret it.

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Contra: Rogue Corps (PC)





  • It has its moments of fun.


  • No mouse and keyboard support.
  • Slow paced action and awful gameplay mechanics.
  • Visuals are an eye soar.
  • Too many bugs and glitches.


  1. This is not Contra this game is a lie and anyone who worked on it needs to be blacklisted for making this abomination to god.

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