Xbox gamers got an early access to the Resident Evil 6  demo on July 3 thanks to a code offered with the purchase of Dragon’s Dogma but the reaction has not been postive.

Resident Evil 6 demo features three missions that allows gamers to take on the role of Leon Kennedy fighting zombies in America, Chris Redfield trying to contain an outbreak in China, and Jake Muller fighting zombies in Eastern Europe.

The demo has given gamers a window of what can be expected and unfortunately they’re not too happy about it as they have been venting their frustration regarding the new features. The biggest criticism has been against allowing gamers to recover health through regeneration.

Several prominent game critics and journalists have also voiced their dissatisfaction regarding the RE6-demo. Most of the criticism regards how the game has abandon its roots and the lack of fear factors.

Ryan McCaffrey, executive editor of IGN, stated in his opinion piece,

It’s not just one thing that annoys me about the next installment of the beloved, long-running survival-horror series. Its problems are numerous, both technically and in game design, leaving me questioning whether or not to buy the game at all, let alone pre-order it.

In a similar opinion piece; Brenna Hillier of VG24/7.com stated,

What I certainly didn’t see is the return to the franchise’s roots Capcom has been trumpeting since the reveal. Yes, there are some familiar faces. Yes, we’re returning to the US urban setting which proved so popular in the early games. Beyond that, everything I saw looks like precisely what turned me off the last few installments.”

However as McCaffrey stated, gamers need to be aware that demo dose not represent the finished product and its expected that content may change during development.

Resident Evil 6 is set to be released on October 2 for the console and will be the ninth game in the main series. The Resident Evil-series has become gaming icon for establishing the horror-survival genre in 1996 and redefining it in 2004 with Resident Evil 4.

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