Aspyr Media has announced that they are working to bring Call of Duty: Black Ops to the Mac OS sometime in Fall 2012, two years after its release for the PC and consoles.

For the team at Aspyr Media, which has ported Call of Duty-games to the Mac, the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops will represent their biggest software debut according to Executive Vice President Ted Staloch. In a press release posted on the company site, Staloch has stated,

“Aspyr has worked with the biggest brands in the entertainment world, but the launch of the original Call of Duty: Black Ops for Apple fans is our biggest in 17 years. Treyarch has created a masterpiece and we are thrilled to launch later this year”

The Mac version of Black Ops will include the original game while the DLC’s will be available sometime in late 2012.

Call of Duty: Black Ops was the seventh game in the Call of Duty-series and was released on November 9 ,2010. The story follows a Special Operations Group trying to stop a Soviet general from launching a nerve gas attack on America.

The game sold 5 million units while earning $360 million with in 24 hours of its release, double the success of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt.1 on its opening weekend. Currently Treyarch and Activision are developing the sequel, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 which is set to be released on November 13 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U.

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