Call of Duty Modern Warfare 000

Activision has announced that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has generated in $1 billion since its launch.

In a press release that was made available (via BussinesWire), Modern Warfare has generated over $1 billion in sell-through revenue. These figures account for units sold to customers worldwide. The game generated $600 million in the first three days of launch, with most of the sales being digital downloads via the PlayStation Store. Modern Warfare also had one of the best launches on the PC in the franchise history.

The same press release also announced that players have put over 500 million multiplayer hours of playtime. Executive Vice President and General Manager for Call of Duty, Byron Beede, has stated,

“The momentum for Modern Warfare from day one has been incredible. Players are having a great time and are continuing to engage across the multiplayer experience at the highest level in years. We’re also seeing new franchise highs for this console generation in hours played, hours per player and average daily players.”

This has been the first time since the launch of Black Ops II in 2012 that Activision has unveiled the sell-through revenue of a Call of Duty game. The game hit the $1 billion mark in 13 days, making it the fastest selling media title in history. The record would be beaten in 2013 by the launch of Grand Theft Auto V (which hit the mark in 3 days).

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a soft reboot of the series most iconic story arch while set in a realistic setting. The game was released for all major consoles and the PC on October 25th. The game was highly praised by critics and fans of the series.

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