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Back to the Beginning

The Modern Warfare reboot has done something that no entry since Black Ops II has been able to do, take me to a conflict that is full of depth and sorrow. This has been made possible by returning the series to its roots while also grounding it in a little reality.

Once upon a time; Call of Duty was a behemoth of a series to the point that Launch Days were basically a celebration at every game shop. Now complaining about the series being creatively bankrupt has become a tradition along side the yearly releases. The series has done the future setting to death, hopped on the Battle Royale bandwagon, and gone back to World War II.

In the end, all of these later entries were just chasing trends with no sense of longevity. They had no solid replay value nor did they grow as an entry. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the first entry in so long that has focused on what made the series an icon. This is a return to classic Modern Warfare while also being dedicated to longevity and replay value.

Welcome to the New Battlefield

The single player campaign is nothing like what was experienced in the original Modern Warfare arch. That one was a generic Tom Clancy story from the 90’s with some shock value to set it apart. The reboot tosses players in a story inspired by the Syrian Civil War and the current state of global affairs.

We get dirty, and the world stays clean. That’s the mission.

Captain Price

When elements of the terrorist group Al-Qatala hijacks a shipment of chemical, British and American forces must work to recover them. Making matters complicated was that the chemical weapons belonged to General Barkov with the intent of using them as part of the Russian pacification efforts in Urzikstan. Captain Price and the SAS start with a terror cell in London before moving on to the Middle East. Meanwhile; the CIA work with the Urzikstain Resistance to track the location of the weapons.

The single-player campaign hits all the right marks as it’s still Call of Duty but also grounded in reality (to some degree). The gameplay is divided between the standard shooter mechanics while some situations call on the player to use stealth or be a little creative. No mission feels the same as they bring something unique to the overall gaming experience. The story is one of the best in so long while also avoiding the mistakes of the original (like being shocking just to be shocking).

Going Dark

Confession time, I’m that rare gamer that has mostly enjoyed Call of Duty for the single-player, I have to also give props to its multiplayer. Modern Warfare multiplayer is a return to what made it the measuring stick for shooters. There are plenty of customizable weapons to use while each map offers a different experiences that will test the players skills.

Even though it lands on so many of the right marks, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has its fair share of faults. Since Ghosts; the campaign has been getting shorter with each new entry and it shows. Not all of the characters get the chance to develop while some moments have a rushed pace. The return of Co-Op was a welcome but it felt underwhelming compared to what was presented in the original trilogy.

These shortcoming should not be seen as serious red flags as team at Infinity Ward have gone back to what made the original Modern Warfare a classic. This is truly a reboot that has learned a lot as the series and the gaming landscape has evolved.

The First Casualty of War

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a return to the series roots along with the lessons learned from over two decades of being a mega franchise. Old school fans of the original trilogy will enjoy it for the nostalgia while new fans will be introduced to a true military shooter.

Disclaimer: Step-3 PR provided the game used in this review.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (PS4)





  • Single player has a balance of originality and nostalgia.
  • Sharp visual details.
  • Multiplayer is a return to the classics.
  • Shock moments actually have a purpose.


  • Single-Player campgain is short.
  • Co-Op felt unintresting.


  1. For someone who has a lot of “Call of Duty needs to change” articles you sure do kiss up to this one a lot. Is your lips now chocolate brown from all that ass kissing? This Modern Warfare review is clearly bias because you got it for free can’t trust it. Plus Fortnite is a better game than this and its free!

  2. I love how all the SJW media and commies are bashing on Modern Warfare because it’s pro-America and has no tranny characters!

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