Hey remember that Fred Durst autographed Dreamcast that was being auctioned on eBay back in March? I decided to follow up on it and was surprised to discover that nobody is still not interested despite having been listed multiple times.

eBay user, hollywoodstorage1, was first attempting to sell the Dreamcast on February 22 but 0 bids were made. Since then they have listed it 12 times with the last listing ending on July 11. Since the start, the only change made was the starting bid but it was a jump from $700 to $750.

When news broke out the first two times, the most common complain was that the console should have been flagged for its “minor damages”. Once a popular artist in the late 90’s / early 2000’s, Fred Durst career has now become more of a punchline for the internet.

Many were also critical of the high price as Durst has almost no connection to the gaming industry while the signed Dreamcast was part of a promotion. As discussed by SEGABits and GameSpot, SEGA partnered with Durst to promote the Dreamcast by  sponsoring a Limp Bizkit tour. Who the game memorabilia was associated with will be a major factor in the price and as a comparison, a floppy disk copy of Doom II that was owned by John Romero sold on eBay for $3,150.

Others have pointed out that $700 is asking too much for a new Dreamcast, regardless of the autograph. Just for comparison, the average price of a Dreamcast on eBay is between $50 – $100 while any sold at a higher price are also offering several games as part of the sale.

At the moment it’s unclear if the user will try or finally call it quits. Even though SEGA discontinued support for the console in 2001, there has always been a huge demand for it among gamers.



  1. Ok I’m now starting to feel bad for the guy and this article just comes off as mean. I’m not a fan of Limp Biskit but you don’t need to mock someone for like them. We wall have our own taste in music.

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