Remember that Fred Durst autographed Dreamcast that was being auctioned on eBay two weeks ago? Unfortunately for the seller, nobody seems to be interested in purchasing it as it has failed to sell twice.

eBay user, hollywoodstorage1, was first attempting to sell the Dreamcast on February 22 but 0 bids were made. The user relisted the console on February 27 with the same price and details only to be meet with 0 bids again. During both listings, the starting bid being $700 or buy it on the spot for $1,000.

News of a Fred Durst autographed Dreamcast caught the attention of the game community online. The most common complain was that the console should have been flagged for its “minor damages”.

As discussed by SEGABits and GameSpot, the publisher partnered with Durst (back in days when he was respected) to promote the Dreamcast. Sega even helped sponsored a Limp Bizkit tour and brought the console to the events for people to play.

At the moment it’s unclear if the console will be relisted for auction again or if they will try alternative ways of selling it. Even though SEGA discontinued support for the console in 2001, there has always been a huge demand for it among gamers.


  1. This guy needs to give up already no one will pay $700 for a Dreamcast signed by limp dick when they can buy one for 50 with games and not signed by limp dick!!!!!

  2. I like how even on the second attempt the guy still kept the price the same “$700 or buy it on the spot for $1,000”. Maybe you should try lowering it to around $5 since its a damaged console.

  3. Still laughing at the thought someone thinks people will pay $700 for a Dreamcast signed by Limp Dick. Not all celbrety signatures are worth money and some make the product worth less than the orginal value. Just give up aleady we all had a good laugh but now its sad

  4. For $700 you could get a new console not signed by Fred Durst with a few games and still have change left over. Why anyone would buy a Dreamcast signed by Fred Durst or try to sell one is beyond me.

  5. The reality is neither a Dreamcast, nor Fred Durst signature is worth the starting bid of $700, stick it on for $50 and get rid of the signature then it’d probably sell.

  6. I don’t get all the hate or what the big deal is, Fred Durst was awesome back in the day and I still jam out to his shit. It seems the only people who hate them are vegan hipsters just because its cool to hate somthing manly like Fred Durst.

    Plus he got laid by real chicks and shit.

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