Following the unveiling of the Japanese trailer for Great Detective Pikachu, American fans have petitioned Nintendo to cast Danny DeVito in the title role for the English version.

A petition was created on asking Nintendo of America to cast DeVito in the role of Detective Pikachu in the English version of the game. The petition states,

“There are a number of us that feel as though Danny DeVito would be a prime fit for the voice acting role of the Detective Pikachu. We want to make this happen.”

As of February 1, 2016 the petition has over 38,000 signatures from gamers and fans of the actor. However neither Nintendo of America nor DeVito have commented on the petition

One devoted fan has even edited the trailer for Great Detective Pikachu by adding dialogue of DeVito’s character of Frank Reynolds from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. The video was posted on YouTube on January 29 and has already attracted over 400,000 views.

Meanwhile other fans have uploaded screenshots of Great Detective Pikachu with Frank Reynolds quotes attacked to them.

Great Detective Pikachu is mystery adventure game set to be released on the Nintendo 3DS sometime in 2016. Its unknown if an English version of the game is in the works.


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