When the first trailer for the Japanese version of Detective Pikachu was made available, fans were quick to petition Nintendo to cast Danny DeVito in the titular role. One fan even remade trailer by adding dialogue of DeVito’s character from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. So it only made sense to do the same for the trailer for the upcoming film, Pokemon: Detective Pikachu.

The trailer for Pokemon: Detective Pikachu was made available on November 13 and in no time one fan reedited it with lines said by DeVito from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (including Rum Ham). Check out the trailer below:

Even though fans have high hopes with Ryan Reynolds taking on the role, deep inside we all know Danny DeVito would have been perfect for the role.

Based on the video game of the same name, the movie follows Tim Goodman working with Detective Pikachu to locate his missing father. The film is set to be released sometime during the Summer 2019 season.

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