Gaming is an expensive hobby as new releases on average are being sold for $60.00, hence a gamer has to limit what they want to buy during the Summer and Holiday seasons.

A gamer has to make the hard choice of what to get and what not to get on day one. However it helps to know that some titles are worth getting on their release date while other title are better off until its available at a discounted price.

The best examples to look at are fad games that attempt to introduce something “revolutionary”, this when a new style comes out and it becomes the talk of the community. Other developers will try to mimic it while the original creators try to milk their possible one hit wonder dry.

Remember how popular Guitar Hero and Rock Band were when they first came out while today they could be found at a GameStop being desperately sold for a $1. Then there was the fad with motion sensors that was made popular by the Wii but now its an unused option for the Xbox One and PlayStaion 4.

Yet this advice is not just limited to one hit wonders, popular games like shooters and yearly sports game releases are usually not worth the day one price. Just to be clear, this is about basic shooters like Call of Duty, open-world / RPG’s like Fallout 4 do not apply since they offer more content.

Shooters are always fun as they do a great job of pandering to our love of action, but sometimes they are not worth the $60 price tag. Sure titles like Call of Duty: Black Ops III are great, but gamers could have waited a few months for the price to drop. Sports games are no different as they are like iPhones, new one comes out every year but its the same thing. Yet unlike the iPhone; nothing changes about a sports game other than the athletes on the roster and maybe the graphics.

While the choices may be hard for a console gamer, a PC gamer will rarely have to pay full price thanks to the Steam Store. Major titles that were recently released are available for at least 20% off while on average a game may be 50% off. That is not even taking into account if the game has had a price drop several months after its release.

Overall; why should a PC gamer by one game for $60 when they could when the entire collection is available for $30 or less? In the end be smart and use your money wisely when buying a game.

How often do you buy your games at full price and what titles are you whiling to pay $60 for? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.  

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