A staple of anime conventions in the Bay Area, the Cosplay Wrestling Federation was back at FanimeCon once again with their presentation of Fanimania V. Alongside the Masquerade, Bad Hentai and the rave – Fanimaia has been one of the most popular events during the weekend

This year was no exception as the line outside had become a party of its own with legions of fans cheering the stars as they awaited to be let into Panel Room #1. Fanimania V was set to start around 7pm but there was no shortage of excitement for anyone waiting for the show to begin. As an added bonus – merchandise was on sale and most of it was sold out before the show started.

Reflections of the CWF

Fanimania V started with Hiki presenting a special video that reflected on how much CWF has grown since their first show. The short documentary presented their rise from a humble fan show to their first major performance at TwitchCon along with their dreams for the future.

The Challengers

A good number of characters were once again attempting to take the championship away from Phoenix Wright. With so many competing for the championship, here are some of the most notable moments from the show.

First on the stage was Sailor Moon, who presented her self as the original social justice warrior of pop-culture. Her case was centered on why an “attorney” has been the champion for so long. Adding a sense of political humor into the mix, compared him to Michael Cohen and Rudy Giuliani.

A regular face at every CWF event, Mario was back to present his case for why he is worthy of the championship. However he was interpreted by Reality who wanted to settle some unfinished business leftover from TwitchCon 2017.

Hailed by the audience as “The Peoples Champion”, the Mumen Rider returned to make another attempted for the championship. Once again he pledged to work hard to claim the championship not for himself but for everyone who has tried to take a stance.

One of the most despised participants in the CWF, Your Waifu was back to make his case for the championship by insulting the audience. His banter was that of being resentful of the audience while also acting a lude manner towards the stage props.

Captain America, Bucky Barnes and Falcon as a group attempted to make their case for the championship. However their voices was drowned by a crowd chanting “We want Thanos!” and in the end had to walk off the stage in defeat.

Phoenix Wright long time rival, Franziska Von Karma took the stage to present her argument for the championship. Her argument was all about how she is better than Wright and why she is guaranteed to win.

With the support of D.Va, Soldier ’76 presented his case by belittling the audience as spoiled Millennial.  Sitting on a lawn chair and acting like a stereotypical grandpa, he mocked the audiences need for “acceptance” and preached about the importance of hard work.


The Champion

It was a tough competition and many great characters were successful in pledging their case but in the end there could only be one champion. After holding the title for so long, Phoenix Wright was finally defeated by Franziska Von Karma. It was a major victory that in the end was meet with raving applause from the audience.

Did you get a chance to check out Fanimania V or other events at FanimeCon 2018? If so then share your story in the comment section below.

Disclaimer: FanimeCon provided me with a pass for the weekend.

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