The guest list for Campbell Con 2017 keeps growing and now comic book readers will be excited to learn that Don McGregor has been added to the roster.

Don McGregor is an industry legend who was part of a wave of new comic writers in the 1970’s that help redefine Marvel with his work on Killraven and The Black Panther. His most iconic work is Sabre, one of the first graphic novels. His other works include the graphic novel Detectives Inc. along with comic adaptions of James Bond, The Lone Ranger, and The X-Files.

He will be joining acclaimed comic artist Ethen Beavers, HeadHunters creator Chris Marrinanis, and Alpha Q Comics co-founder Tobe Daranouvong just to name a few. Also joining the guest will be a Ghostbusters reunion made up of William Bryan  (special effects artist who played the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in the original film), Mark Bryan Wilson (who played Slimer in Ghostbusters), along with Robin Shelby (who played Slimer in Ghostbusters 2 and 2016 reboot). 

Not to worry fans, more guests will be announced in the coming months.

Campbell Con 2017 is organized by Colossus Girl Entertainment and will be held at the Campbell Community Center on October 21st. Tickets are on sale now and 8Bit/Digi will be present to cover the event.

Wanna know want to expect at Campbell Con? Then check out our coverage of last years event.

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