The team from BitReplay are heartbroken to announce that they will be moving from their current location and will be having their last Warehouse Sale on Saturday January 20th.

BitReplay plans to clear out their warehouse in Santa Clara and focus exclusively on being an online only vendor. Old school gamers and collectors of retro video games  will be happy to know that they will still appear at major events like FanimeCon and SacAnime.

For several years they have been one of the go to vendor for used games and consoles at any fan convention in the Bay Area. They also have had a tradition of opening their warehouse to the public on the third Saturday of the month. The one for January will be the last Warehouse Sale.

For one day only, everything will be on sale for the Video Game Liquidation Sale. They will have a selection of retro games, new titles, along with classic consoles and accessories. Customers could either pay with cash, credit or PayPal and trade-ins are also welcomed.

The Video Game Liquidation Sale will take place on January 20th from 10am to 7pm. BitReplay warehouse is located on 3501 Thomas Rd. STE 4, Santa Clara, California.

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