The first MAGWest is almost here and now it has been confirmed that Ben Prunty will be among the guests.

Ben Prunty is a video game composer who is best known for his work on FTL, Gravity Ghost, The Darkside Detective, Dead Secret, and Into the Breach. He will not be performing during MAGWest but he will be hosting several panels.

Prunty will be joining chip glitch artist Tim Abad, game developer Jason Cirillo and psychedelic artist Hekkate just to name a few. The musical line up includes groups such as Super Souls Bros., Kirby’s Dream Band, Vector Hold, Space Town and more.

MAGWest is the first West Cost spin-off of MAGFest, a video game / music festival that is popular in Washington DC area. The event will be held at the Santa Clara Convention Center from August 25 until August 27 and tickets are on s

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