Activision CCO Thomas Tippl revealed during an investor call that the unnamed Call of Duty title will take the series “back to its roots”.

Tippl along with Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg both admitted that Infinite Warfare under performed in sales while fans have not been happy with the outer space or science fiction setting. Infinite Warfare sold over 4.46 million copies and was the fourth best selling game in the PlayStation Store but sales were down by 50% compared to Black Ops III.

Hirshberg didn’t reveal much but stated that Sledgehammer Games has been working on the new title for two years and it will take the series back to its roots.

The announcement of taking the series “back to its roots” is also a vague statement as the franchise has had many story arcs. Based on this information, there two possible settings for the next Call of Duty.

The first is that the new Call of Duty will once again be set during World War II. The series started as a WWII shooter that brought new life to the genre. The series began to focus more on the modern era following the success of Modern Warfare while World at War was the last title set during the conflict. Given the decline of WWII shooters, this would be the perfect setup for the series.

The second possible setting is a return to the modern era similar to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. As with WWII, very few titles are set during a modern conflict in favor of a futuristic setting while EA took the Battlefield series to trenches of the Great War. Given that many fans purchased Infinite Warfare because of Modern Warfare: Remastered, Activision may have more confidence in taking the series make to the modern age.

The next Call of Duty will be announced sometime in the next few months while fans could expect an early November release. However Activision is going to have competition from EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront II and Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2.


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