Thoughts about Filip Miucin from a real journalist and content creator

My story is like that of so many content creators who are rising and struggling to make a name for themselves in gaming media. After a series of trial and errors, I officially launched 8Bit/Digi back in September 2015. The goal was simple, either get hired at a media outlet or rise to become a respected independent game journalist/commentator similar to the likes of Jim Sterling and YongYea.

However; I was quick to learn that there were about a legion of bloggers, streamers, and influences doing the very same thing. To succeed, I had to find a niche that would make me stand out. I found my answer at home, here in the Bay Area. I became more focused on what is happening among gamers here in Silicon Valley by attending fan conventions, special events, and networking mixers. 8Bit/Digi went from being a generic video game blog to a digital media outlet that tells the story of the gaming community and industry of the Bay Area.

When I started, I was a small fish in a big pond. But today, I’m still a small fish only in a big lake. Yet, I’m proud of what I have accomplished and all I see ahead are possibilities for growth.

Therefore, it should not come as no surprise the disdain I’ve had for Filip Miucin ever since it was revealed he had plagiarized most the work he had done during his career. As a long time IGN reader, I was furious that such a freeloader sullied the good name of a respected publication. As an independent content creator who hopes to find much greater success, I was disgusted at the fact that this parasite was given such an opportunity.

Sorry for beating this dead horse but as a content creator I have to let this out.

My feelings towards Filip Miucin is most likely one shared by so many other content creators who actually work hard for their success. From freelance journalists to commentators, I’ve met so many dedicated content creators. Some have made their passion into a second source of income (living in the Bay Area is expensive), others are working a job while creating content as a passion project. Many of them dream of being part of the team at IGN or another respected media outlet.

Being a content creator may look fun (it totally is) but it’s also soul-crushing and so many creative people are quick to abandon their passion. When I started 8Bit/Digi, I was following seven other bloggers who shared the same interests as me, but only two of them are still active as of July 2018. In 2017; I meet numerous bloggers, vloggers, and other independent content creators

So you know what really breaks my game about all this? That despite all the great commentators and video game critics out there, a lazy talentless hack is somehow able to get a job at a respectable media outlet like IGN (a goal so many of us are working hard towards). In the end, Filip Miucin is nothing more then the Ellsworth Toohey to every Howard Roark who gives their blood, sweat, and passion into their work.

Are you an independent content creator who hopes to make a career out of their passion? Or are you an IGN reader who has something to share? Voice your thoughts in the comment section below.



  1. Guys like you work hard and it sucks this cheat stole your opportunity but life isn’t fair for everyone. All can you do is just keep doing your thing.

  2. I hate to be the one to tell you this; but the nobody owes anything just because you “worked hard”. You bloggers are the same you feel like you should make a living of making crap instead of working.

    Here is my advice to you…get a job!!!!

  3. Umm nobody owes you or anyone else a job just because you have a blog. Maybe Filip was just good at what he did and that is why IGN hired him over losers like you who complain about other people’s success.

    I wish Filip Miucin the best and you need to give up and find a real job.

  4. Wow!! I guess Miucin and his fam are bashing this poor guy on his page. Filip sucked at his job and that’s why ign booted his arse!! RIP Filip Mucus, your plagiarizing ass won’t be missed!!

  5. Filip Miucin got what he deserved and it sucks that he stole a job from someone who actually worked for it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and best of luck to you.

  6. Therefore, it should not come as no surprise the disdain I’ve had for Filip Miucin ever since it was revealed he had …

    should not come as any(?) surprise…

    best of luck with your work, i hope you do well in the content creation space, Filip Miucin had a very twisted view on how game reviews are done. Plagiarism becomes researching for him.

    But its something that makes sense in the world of twitch streamers today. A generation of gamers that are watching people play games on twitch without knowing said content creators are being paid by game publishers to play the game. its a grey area, requires a lot of nuance.

    • Just checked out your website, read some of the articles and really enjoyed it. I like how a lot of the content is a mix of gaming ones personal experience. I’m now a fan.

  7. What makes this so disgusting was Filip wrote these reviews as an IGN reviewer. Thanks to him, IGN’s reputation and of its employees has been not only soiled or subject to ridicule but outright SHAT UPON….And I don’t even think he cares! I bet the only shred of guilt he has from this whole debacle is guilt over the fact that he got caught

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