Tripwire has announced the first DLC for ManEater, almost a year after the game launched for all major consoles and the PC.

Titled Maneater: Truth Quest, the DLC will continue following the events of the base game. Players will once again take on the role of the shark as she uncovers the conspiracies surrounding Port Clovis and the Naval Wildlife Organization (NWO). Also returning will be Chris Parnell as the narrator of the game.

The DLC will raise the level cap to 50 while also introducing new abilities and traits. There will also be new levels, new foes and several new gameplay elements.

Maneater: Truth Quest will be priced at $14.99 USD and is set to launch sometime during the Summer. It will be available for all major consoles and the PC (via Epic Game Store). More information about the DLC along with other add-ons will be made in the future.

ManEater was released back in 2020 for all major consoles and the PC. Players take on the role of a shark that asserts her dominance in Clovis Bay. To have an idea of what the game is like, check out my review of the PC version.

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