In a move to look like a respectable streaming service and establish credibility, it has been announced that Kill la Kill is coming to Paramount +.

Paramount + has confirmed that the hit anime from 2013 is coming to its streaming service. Fans will get to watch both the dubbed and subbed version of the entire series. It has also confirmed that it will be uncensored, keeping all its goodness for all to see.

Subscribers and commentators have speculated that the inclusion of Kill la Kill in its library is an attempt to establish itself as a legitimate and quality service. This makes sense since service like Netflix and Hulu have Kill la Kill while low tier services that lack quality like Crackle and CBS All Access don’t have Kill la Kill.

In a press release that was made available, Jim Gianopulos has stated,

“We listened to our viewers and did our research on the market, it appears every respected streaming service has Kill la Kill in its library. It may not be an original from Paramount or CBS but we want everyone to stop making fun of us. It’s now available to stream, can you now treat us like a serious streaming service.”

Jim Gianopulos
CEO of Paramount

Paramount + now joins the likes of Netflix, Hulu, Cruncyroll, HBO Max, Funimation and VRV (you know real legit services) to feature the hit anime series on its streaming platform.

This is an April Fools article and nothing written in it is true. This is just a joke and it’s not published to be taken seriously.

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