Like so many Fallout fans, I have been disappointed with all the problems and shortcomings of Fallout 76. However I do have high hope the next game will be better. For now there is good news thanks to the partnership between Toynk Toy and Bethesda. The result has been the Fallout Nano Force Series.

Fallout Nano Force Series 1 Collection includes 52 army men styled figures that are inspired by the series. Each figure is designed to allow fans to redesign or decorate them however they like or keep them as is. I got a sample bag and it includes different versions of Vault Boy as seen in the series along with random items that could be found in Fallout 4 and Fallout 76.

To have a better understanding, I’m going to look at the material used to create them and what someone can do with them.


This is the basic material used in the creation of most plastic army men toys (only now we got a Fallout version). The material is perfect for anyone who wants to get crafty and add their own style or just keep them as a collectable item.


Anything you can do with army men, you can do with the Fallout Nano Force Series (just don’t melt them with a magnifying-glass). Fans could use them to make their own table top games, decorate them however they like or make unique games out of them. They are also available in premium boxes for anyone who collects toys as a hobby.

Final Thoughts

As a Fallout fan, I really liked the quality along with how they tried to capture the design of each item or Vault Boy. This is truly the perfect gift for a Fallout fan who has been disappointed with the new game (it will restore their faith in the series). One could buy the collection at Toynk Toy website and they got many options available.

Disclaimer: Toynk Toy provided a sample bag that was used for this review.

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