Every Bay Area fan knows its not a real anime convention without a show from the Cosplay Wrestling Federation and SacAnime Winter 2019 is no exception. It has been confirmed that they return for another outstanding show.

CWF Blkout: CONquest will be their show at SacAnime Winter and it will be their first event of the new year. Unlike most of their events, the CWF is partnering with Supreme Pro Wrestling to bring real wrestling to SacAnime. Thus; the main event will feature a battle between Phoenix Wright and Mario for the title against All Might.

CWF Blkout: CONquest will not the be the only activity at SacAnime Winter 2019 as a good number of activities and guests have been confirmed. Among the guest include the cast of My Hero Academia , Pokemon and Super Mario Bros. along Bill Farmer (the official voice of Goofy) and Jonny Cruz from Overwatch just to name a few.

SacAnime Winter 2019 will be held at the Sacramento Convention Center during the weekend of January 4th until January 6th. CWF Blkout: CONquest will take place on January 5th at 6:30 PM and any one wanting to participate in can sign up now.

In the sprite of wrestling and cosplay, Cosplay Wrestling Federation has the most iconic characters in pop-culture go toe-to-toe in a battle of personalities. The show has been a staple of video game and anime conventions in California.

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