Back in December, I reviewed samples of the Fallout Nano Force Series that had just been released. The team at Toynk Toys have now released the Fallout Nano Force Series 1 Army Builder Collection, a special series for hard core fans of the post-apocalyptic game.

To have a better understanding, I’m going to look at what comes in each box set and how it will appeal to Fallout fans.

The Box Set

The Fallout Nano Force Series 1 Army Builder Collection comes in four volumes, each with a different figure from the series. Each set includes 12 of the 2″ figures along with a 4″ figure based on characters from Fallout 4 and 76. All of them are made using hard plastic and are perfect for anyone who likes to get crafty with their collection.

The figures in each set will be 2 Vault Boys, 2 Enemies, 2 Heroes and 2 artifacts. Also included in the set are four “mysterious figures”, but this is not a loot box gimmick since they reveal what they are on the back of the box.

The Fan Appeal

As mentioned in my last review – anything you can do with army men, you can do with the figures in the Fallout Nano Force Series. Fans could use them to make their own table top games, decorate them however they like or make unique games out of them.

Fallout Nano Force Series 1 Army Builder Collection is a box set for those who want to collect gaming memorabilia or fans who want to play with them. The collection will look good in a Fallout fans collection, if one wishes not to open the box. Those who will open it, could use the 2″ figures however they like while using the 4″ figures as a set piece.

Final Thoughts

Since its launch; the Fallout Nano Force Series has been popular among fans of the iconic RPG series for so many reasons. The Army Builder Collection was definitely made for both the dedicated fan and the collector in mind. Each box set has been arranged for those who want to have fun or add it to a collection of video game memorabilia.

This set is truly the perfect set for a fan who has been disappointed with Fallout 76 (trust me, it will restore your faith in the series). Fans could easily buy each box set at Toynk Toy website.

Final Score: 9/10

Disclaimer: Toynk Toy provided me with Volumes 1 and 2 that was used for this review.

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  1. I don’t get all the hate? I liked Fallout 76 and just got two friends to join me. It has the bugs but the game has gotten better over time.

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