How can machine learning and VR/AR along with XR technology help people overcome their subconscious basis? That was the topic of Women in AR/VR/AI/ML: Mixer, Lightning Talks and VR Demos, a special event organized by the Expat Woman and hosted by DroneDeploy.

Women in AR/VR/AI/ML: Mixer, Lightning Talks and VR Demos featured five speakers who discussed how machine learning and VR/AR are going to change society along with how it could be used to overcome many social ills. Each speaker shared their unique insight in presentation that was followed by a quick Q&A session.


The Discussion

Women in AR/VR/AI/ML: Mixer, Lightning Talks and VR Demos featured a diverse selection of speakers from across the VR and AR industry. Each speaker brought their own unique experience to the discussion while taking the time to share their wisdom with the audience.

Laura Montoya is the Founder and Executive Director at Accel.AI. She discussed the impact that AI and machine learning will have on job market in the next few years.

Alicia Luchetti is a Director at Quid, Inc. Her presentation focused on how Quid system has been studying trends along with peoples interest in VR and AR. Some of the take away is that interest in games and shopping have spiked during the month of October while major companies are starting to invest in VR/AR technology.

Clorama Dorvilias is a UX Research & Designer and 2017 Fellow at Code for America while also having worked on Oculus. She discussed the impact that an individuals subconscious bias affects their decisions along with the advantages a diverse group has over a homogeneous group.

Sarah Hashkes is the Co-founder of Virtual Bytes and has a background in physics and cognitive neurosciences. Her presentation discussed the effect of being in VR has on a persons brain and how it can create an immersive experience.

Nathalie Mathe is the Creative Director and Founder of NativeVR. She gave an inside look into UTurn, an interactive experience that allows users to step in the foot of a minority working at a tech company.


Mixer and Demos

The discussion ended with an opportunity for the audience to have a quick one-on-one with the speakers or to mingle among each other. Food and drinks were provided for everyone who attended while a demo table was also set up for anyone who wanted to have a quick VR experience.

Did you attend Women in AR/VR/AI/ML: Mixer, Lightning Talks and VR Demos? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Also checkout future career and networking events hosted by The Expat Woman.

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