After a successful Kickstarter and years of development, Nightdive Studios has announced a new launch window for the System Shock remake.

System Shock remake is set to launch sometime in March 2023 for all major consoles and the PC. However, this window is subject to change due to the scope of the project. The game is also currently available for pre-order. Gamers who pre-order it on PC (via Steam, GOG, or Epic) will get a free copy of System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition.

According to Nightdive Studios, the only aspect of the game they are working on is quality-of-life improvements, bugs, and localization. Support from Prime Matter has also been a tremendous help in resolving these issues. 

System Shock is a cyberpunk-themed horror RPG that was originally released on the PC back in 1994. The story follows a hacker aboard the Citadel Station who is enticed to hack SHODAN (the station’s AI system). However; when its ethical constraints are removed, the AI unleashes a wave of terror upon the station. 

It has been hailed as a video game pioneer for its story and the many gameplay mechanics it introduced. Its success was followed by a sequel that has also been equally praised and influential. 

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